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If you've scrolled through social media in the past week, Surely you have come across a photo of three Japanese girls found on Google Maps, which did not take long to become widespread because other artists began using it as the basis for their illustrations. It was at the end of May when a Twitter user “@rasaa2020Sharing a photo of three high school girls posing in front of Street View car cameras, she wrote:I found this on google maps, probably the beginning of new school leaders».

Within days, the artists began using photography to create their own illustrations, replacing the three charismatic girls with three anime characters from the same franchise.which served to explode the meme now known as “Three girls posing in Google Street View (Three girls in Google Street View).

In conclusion, Sometimes the internet can be an amazing place where a simple find on Google Maps can unleash a wave of creativity and become an online cultural phenomenon. What started as a curiosity on Google Street View has evolved into a global trend, uniting people around the world through shared creativity and humor.

fountain: @rasaa2020 on Twitter

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