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This Saturday, December 4th, he went through mics BLU . crossing Natalia Beria Social media and content creator who uses her Instagram spiritsAnd rollers and stories Until people begin to demystify The question of how to immigrate to Canada without dying trying.

Canada is a welcome country, They are open to immigration and they need people. Many people are looking for first world countries to go to; Countries are increasingly putting more restrictions, more controls, But Canada is very regulated on this matter.” She said.

The caller highlights the reasons for emigrating to North America Health, education, security and opportunity.

Regarding the specific profile of the person who is likely to be able to get there, the creator noted, “It’s very relative. Canada has many immigration processes. Opportunities focus more on people who speak the language, regardless of money, age, etc.”

Also warned that you must have Be very careful when applying for visas or programs, as this destination tends to be widely used By scammers to steal people. “To avoid this, Canada created something called Immigration Consultants and their job is to guide you,” he explained.

Beria pointed out that in that Web page You will be able to know the complete guide on how to immigrate to Canada, What you should know about the country and many answers to questions about housing, education, health system, etc.

Regarding the news circulating about “Canada pays X dollars to go live there”, he said that it is not true that the government pays people to immigrate, but it is true that Canada pays, For example, in Montreal, to study French, but you must have a specific status.

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Hear more details about what life is like in Canada, prices, salary and more in the attached audio:

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