How to develop flexibility and mental strength? These 6 exercises will help you achieve that

in times Stress Or if we have concerns of any kind, we may feel it worry. It’s basically a file defensive mechanism It alerts us to situations that are considered threatening. It usually occurs in all people to a greater or lesser extent, and, under control, helps to improve performance, anticipation and response.

But sometimes it can also be a file Problem When anxiety turns frequentAnd capacitor and shows without reasons Apparently, even limits the injured. In these cases, perhaps the best option is to consult a specialist.

However, there are also some things we can do to try Anxiety control And don’t let it control us. Neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki, author of “good worryShare this program of six exercises that can help us develop flexibility and mental strength to control anxiety.

Show positive results

A very healthy exercise consists of thinking, in the morning and at night, about the situations that cause us uncertainty and thinking about how we should perform them. Then, it comes to imagination and Visualize the best possible outcome. In this way we can develop unexpected ideas to solve those situations that cause anxiety.

Turn anxiety into progress

Although sometimes it may seem otherwise, our brain allows us to be flexible During difficult times: Learn to calm down, re-evaluate situations, reformulate our thoughts, and make smarter decisions. To do this, Suzuki suggests that we reconsider how the emotions we feel can help us move forward. For example, anger can drive and motivate us, while fear can make us more careful in making decisions.

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Try something new

Something that can also help us with anxiety is Do something newLike signing up for an online course, joining a local gym, or participating in a virtual event.


If we have a lot of anxiety and the situation affects us a lot, we should be able to asking for help, Talk with friends and family, and promote healthy and supportive relationships with other groups of people. This way we can keep anxiety at bay, as well as reinforce the feeling that we are not alone.

nature pools

Science has shown that spending time in temper nature It has positive effects on our mental health. A 2015 study confirmed that this can significantly increase your emotional health and resilience. You don’t have to go to the forest every time. A stroll in a nearby park or some quiet, botanical place will do the trick. Where we can relax, breathe deeply, and perceive sounds, smells, and images.

positive tweets

This tip may sound funny, but it can help us cheer ourselves up at the beginning and end of the day. It’s about posting on Twitter – or in the social network we want – a Positive and optimistic message. Just practicing thinking about these messages makes us think of positive or pleasant things, which can help us curb anxiety.

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