The father of an Argentine wanted in the Caribbean explained why he did not believe they had sunk in the ship: “The ship must float.”

Renzo Spaciano, 20, is one of two Argentine crew members traveling on a yacht returning from a humanitarian mission in Haiti.

Renzo Spasciano He is a 20-year-old Argentinean who is one of the four crew members on board the yacht last Tuesday 28th September while returning from a humanitarian mission to Haiti, He lost all contact in the middle of the Caribbean and never reached his destination.

The father of young Luis Spaciano – who settled in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico with his wife Liliana and son Renzo, about eight months ago – gave details this morning of the extensive search for his youngest son and the three men who were with him. H: Argentinian Carlos Eduardo Juarez, 45 years old, owner of the Mexican boat Martin Vega Argyz, 44 years old, and a Cuban Denis Manuel Fernandez Diaz, from 46.

The Interior Ministry yacht Guadalupe – flagged in Panama but based in Mexico – was due to have the four men arrive in Cozumel port on the morning of Wednesday, September 29, but On Tuesday, about 200 kilometers before its destination, the signals stopped.

(Photo: BRIC Cancun International Rescue Brigade)
(Photo: BRIC Cancun International Rescue Brigade)

Spasciano recounted his last contact with his son and the last information he had about him: “The last I heard was from the ship. I spoke while I was in the port of Jamaica refilling diesel, food and water.. Some things they need because they’ve been in the Haitian port for a week and had absolutely nothing.”

“Everything is cut off on board,” Lewis said. Radio La Red. “Only the satellite works and a spot slightly larger than the cell phone, which sends a signal every 20 minutes and gives the exact location of the ship.. Leaving Haiti for Mexico, they had to establish a port in Cozumel to notify them of their entry. They were traveling normally, the GPS was plotting the route, they had 120 nautical miles to go, about 220 kilometers, and they were already arriving, and they had sailed for two days. The GPS gave his last signal, and those who were following them started calling the satellite and releasing the tone but they didn’t answer. That’s the only thing we know.”

The area where the ship was traveling has disappeared
The area where the ship was traveling has disappeared

Luis, who requested assistance from the Mexican embassy and authorities 10 days ago to activate the search, thanked the Argentine Consul in Playa del Carmen, Lutaro Feltensky, Consul General Gabriela Quinteros and Argentine Ambassador to Mexico Carlos. taken. “I have daily contact with them,” he explained. Thanks to the embassy and consulate, today they are preparing the Navy plane for departure. They were following search and rescue protocol and were on a passive search. I am amazed and grateful.”

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Spasciano, a marine mechanic, has flown over the ship’s search area several times on special trips paid for by the Juarez Yachting Company that Renzo worked for. In his opinion, do not give climatic conditions and the region in which the loss of contact with the boat occurred a priori The impression that they suffered from the sinking of a ship.

“They were near Cozumel, which is a totally touristic island. There’s nothing else,” Lewis pointed out. “They had all the proper systems, because the captain of the port of Cozumel gave them a port, so they have to do a review to do that. I was fit to get out. In fact, he left, passed through the Bahamas, refueled in Jamaica and made it to Haiti.” It is an area with a lot of piracy, as it is known. But not to this side and they were already praying. They came sailing very quietly.”

Renzo was returning with three other crew members on a yacht owned by Argentine Carlos Juarez.
Renzo was returning with three other crew members on a yacht owned by Argentine Carlos Juarez.

He explained: I analyzed all the situations they could have gone through. But the ship floats, because when a boat sinks and more of this size, if it explodes or catches fire or breaks in the middle, it leaves a lot of wreckage. Something always floats. I traveled a lot in planes that were paid for by Carlos. The sea is like iron. Awesome calm. There are no foam spots. Until yesterday, conditions were excellent. The ship must be afloat.”

If the ship was wrecked, burned or exploded, there must be remains. There is always some diesel slick, something. It has two engines that carry a lot of oil. There is none of this in the water.”added. We are exhausting the possibilities. I’m looking for it anyway, everywhere, any way. We do not know how to resist. I know I will find it but it would be very difficult without all the help needed. You have to keep looking because time is vital.”

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This weekend, Martin Juarez, brother of Carlos Juarez, reported that Last Monday, a torchlight ship was spotted above the waters of the Yucatan CanalRight at the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico, Which could have been fired by the crew of the lost ship. It could be them. It matches the location,” he said.

The Guadalupe yacht's last contact was last Tuesday, September 28, after the boat left Jamaica to refuel (Photo: EFE)
The Guadalupe yacht’s last contact was last Tuesday, September 28, after the boat left Jamaica to refuel (Photo: EFE)

The ship, under the command of Cuban captain Fernandez Diaz, departed from Puerto Aventuras on September 17 to Providing assistance to victims of the earthquake that killed more than 2,200 in Haiti in August.

The trip was organized by volunteers from International Rescue Brigade in Cancun with the missionaries of the risen Christ. It took a week for the goods and equipment they were able to collect to load up.

After three days of travel, the Guadalupe Ministry of the Interior arrived at the port of Miragoane, in the province of Nippes. They brought not only food, but also a field hospital, “medical equipment and supplies intended for the establishment of a primary medical service” for it Lasile municipality, where The earthquake destroyed most of the houses.

It was the Mexican bishop himself who on September 20 issued a statement congratulating the four crew members on their mission.

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