How to Change SSD Solid State Drive to Improve Old Computer Speed

Remote work that many have had to resort to as a result of pandemic left as evidence of Old Computers Home, both laptops and desktops, they do not have sufficient technical characteristics to perform work tasks.

In the context of high demand and product shortages, prices around PCs –Mother, RAM memoriesAnd the Treatments especially Video Cards for Cryptocurrency Mining– Quickly escalated into retailers, e-commerce stores, and specialty stores.

But contrary to what is believed, It is not necessary to allocate a large amount of money to upgrade equipment. You can also achieve this by choosing an SSD storage drive, and if it has one NVMe connection The difference in speed and performance is much greater.

SSD appearance

One of the biggest changes in recent years in the hardware world has been, without a doubt, the arrival of Solid State Disks or SSD (Solid-state disks).

With much faster transfer and read speeds than traditional mechanical discs, with Not only do computers start up the operating system in seconds, But it’s also much faster Open programs and work with them.

Computers over 5 years old look like new with a solid state drive. PxHere Pictures.

The popularity of the most modern protocol optimized for high speeds of the new SSD disks came in 2006 from the hand SamsungHowever, its origin dates back to 1991.

Developed by a group of manufacturers specifically for SSD drives for Exceeds the write speed limit imposed by the SATA connection mechanical discs. The key is a more effective language for storage devices and computers to communicate.

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Currently, SSDs are highly recommended for all users. In fact, the vast majority of new computers already come with one from the factory and the user even updates it for a capacity issue, but the difference that results from using one of these units compared to a traditional hard drive is indisputable.

“The performance In the computer depends exclusively on the slowest subcomponent. So if you have the most powerful next-generation processor and you have a mechanical tweak deep down, performance will always be limited,” Jose Luis Fernandez, Kingston’s CTO of SSA, told the newspaper. Clarion.

By having an SSD storage drive in between 5 and 30 times faster than a traditional disc, the differences are reflected in the overall performance they bring in both Basic tasks as in the heaviestsuch as playing video games or editing videos, among other things.

The Leap in Quality: NVMe SSD

Two decades later, to further improve the performance of USB flash drives, NVMe protocol (Fast non-volatile memory). This open standard is used PCI-Express connections To connect the storage drive to the motherboard in . format M.2 card format.

Unlike those that use a SATA port, NVMe storage drives are flexible It is powered directly from the motherboard and use access times similar to those of RAM.

A computer user can install NVMe M2 SSD in a laptop without having much computer knowledge.  take photo.

A computer user can install NVMe M2 SSD in a laptop without having much computer knowledge. take photo.

PCI-e connections are characterized by the presence of multiple channels (or “lanes”). Just as more cars can spread out on the highway than on the road, this is why PCI-e does it Send data faster. By being able to use them all in parallel, the read and write speeds are much faster on an NVMe disk than on a SATA disk.

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“The characteristic of NVMe SDDs is that they are gradually becoming the most popular format over SATA, which is the traditional format, which is the format that is shared with mechanical disk. The advantages of M2, which is now also called in BBM for its interface, is still much faster, At least 4 times faster than SATA Traditional,” explains the Kingston specialist.

How do I determine if my notebook supports an NVMe M2 SSD?

The notebook motherboard may or may not have M2 connectors for these ultra-fast storage drives. Therefore, it will be necessary to take into account some motherboard identifiers.

The NVMe SSD connector is identified with the letter M at one end.  take photo.

The NVMe SSD connector is identified with the letter M at one end. take photo.

First of all, laptops with a mechanical disk You have default support for SSDsThey both connect via the SATA port. Meanwhile, the NVMe M2 is more innovative and is available in more current equipment, for example those that have 6th generation Intel or AMD Ryzen chip (2015).

There is another key piece of information in the . file number of slots It has an ultra-fast flash memory connector. If it has only one (M) then this unit will be able to connect to a PCIe/NVME storage device. If you have two (M and B) it is for a SATA storage device.

Solid state drives in SATA and NVMe formats.  Kingston pictures

Solid state drives in SATA and NVMe formats. Kingston pictures

Currently, Western Digital, Gigabyte, Kingston, Spectrix, Samsung, Seagate Way Corsair Are some of the brands that sell this type of product on official websites or e-commerce stores in Argentina.

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As is often the case with this type of device, prices vary according to storage capacity. For example, One from 256 GB can be had at a value close to 6 thousand pesos, while 2 terabytes can be obtained from 75 thousand.

Thus, it is worth clarifying a question: both SATA and NVMe are much faster than traditional mechanical disks, which using either of the two upgradesIt leads to a significant improvement in performance.

But if you have a choice and you have an M2 port, it would probably be a good choice to cover NVMe more and give a longer useful life to our equipment.


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