How long can you stay in the US, if your visa has expired?

United State It is one of the countries with well-regulated access for foreigners, so its rules are strict. Have you ever wondered: How long can you stay in their territory if your license has expired? visa?

For reasons related to work, tourism, education or to visit relatives, travel to United State It is one of the transits that many people do on a regular basis throughout the year. But it is no secret that entering this country has its challenges, as it is necessary to have all the papers in order to be admitted, being visa One of the basic requirements.

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get the visa we It requires a complete process that includes interviews and verification that you have the financial means to travel and that you do not intend to remain in the United States. Those who processed it must take care of it and use it responsibly and transparently. In this sense, it is important to keep in mind when ends, To save you a lot of trouble in the future.

When do you want to travel to United State, Either to visit the country or while in transit to reach another destination, you have to first check the validity of a file visa Well, if it is not active, then it will be necessary to renew it, pay again and provide all the personal documents that the embassy requires.

In the event that you already have your travel plans and find out you have visa It is about to expire, you should know that it is possible to enter the country as long as it has not expired at the moment. Thus the US Embassy notes: “A visa It must be valid at the time you seek admission to the country. But the expiration date does not specify the length of stay, but is determined by an official from the Department of Homeland Security.

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Which means that it is possible to stay for a certain time in the country with An expired visaas long as the CBP officer gives you authorization, and of course, you honor the days you set to stay.

The length of time will depend entirely on the reasons for which you are United State Since, according to Form I-94, the type of trip we take will be proportional to permission It can be extended for the period of your stay: it can be for business, studies and tourism, although the process will be different in each case.

Of course, if you exceed the time and do not respect the permission granted by Customs and Border Protection officer The punishment can be as serious as cancellation visa Permanently prevent you from ordering it again.

The I-94 procedure is very common within Permissions This grants United State To be able to enter the country in case there is a problem in visa from visitor. This must be authorized by the customs officer Procedure, Which specifies the date of entry and the time of stay, which can be up to 180 days.

Despite the above, it is always a good idea to stay on top of your procedures. if you need Visa renewal to United State We remind you that it costs $3,200 Mexican pesos, and the wait for appointments is long, so you should plan ahead.

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