A group of scientists determines when the Earth will disappear

A group of scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard, Caltech and other study centers They have figured out how the end of planet Earth will be. Although it is true that until now, it was already known that sunlight would end and with it the rest of life in the solar system, experts can now get an idea of ​​the How will the process be?

This is because it has already happened. Not in the solar system yet, but in the Milky Way, about 12,000 light-years away. Scientists have long been following the process of a star that was already entering the final stage of its life: it was Get a larger volume and a reddish color. And in the process, as it spread out, it dragged a planet into orbit towards itself until it ended up swallowing it.

One of the study’s authors, W Kechalay D, Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technologyin statements compiled by the British newspaper The telegraph. And it will happen to the star it orbits, the Sun. but it will not be forthcoming, It will happen in five billion yearswhen a star burns out and does the same to all the planets orbiting around it.

Now, “If some other civilization He was watching us from 10,000 light years away Far away when the sun swallows the earth, they will see the sun suddenly rise I also took out some materialsthen it will form dust around it, before going back to the way it was“, added the expert.

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How did you discover this process?

He is The first time a group of scientists discovered this process. So far, attention has been paid to what came before and what is the aftermath. But no one has ever seen a star absorb a planet. And they found it by chance, because in the beginning, The researchers were looking for other types of motion in space.

Specifically, they were trying to find star systems that had merged with each other. However, they find a star, within 10 days, it became 100 times brighter. But the energy that scientists discovered it was giving off was too little to fuse with another star. Therefore, whatever was uniting with the star must be smaller. Like, for example, a planet.

And it was. This, moreover, It was the size of Jupiter. Once it came in contact with the star’s core, its outer layers ended up exploding. Then the remains continued to settle in the form of cool dust.

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