How Google protects Android phones to avoid pre-installed apps that contain malware

On Android, apps are usually pre-installed and cannot be deleted. Favorite

Google Provided a tool capable of detecting and combating malware pre-installed on devices android. This function is called new Bi-pixel transparency It comes with the aim of protecting users from the dangers of malware hidden in the apps that come from the factory.

It is normal that when you buy a mobile phone include some brands Pre-installed applications. However, it is possible that these platforms were infected, even though the user did not do anything about it.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that unlike apps downloaded from digital stores, apps that come from the factory cannot be removed easily, making them a viable option for cybercriminals to infect and circumvent traditional security measures.

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That’s why the company is designed to android Pixel Binary Transparency tool. Designed as a formidable defense against pre-installed malware, this feature leverages encrypted public logs that contain official metadata for factory images of Pixel devices.

This way, Pixel phone and tablet users can now compare their device’s firmware against verified Google logs, effectively detecting any discrepancies that might indicate malware, which means a security vulnerability in the stored information.

On Android, apps are usually pre-installed and cannot be deleted. Favorite

Initially, this option will only be available for Pixel devices, but the company has the advantage of launching its functionality first on these phones and then expanding the reach to other brands using the Android operating system.

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This is important because brands love Oppo, OnePlus, Realme, and Xiaomi They have been accused of adopting unsafe firmware policies in Asia and Eastern Europe. In addition, other manufacturers often have a high level of pre-installed applications, which the user cannot delete and becomes a window of attack.

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create the Bi-pixel transparency join the implementation Transparency Centerplatform provided by Google To allow users to monitor the use of their personal data, this new tool seeks to strengthen the safety of devices against persistent threats.

On Android, apps are usually pre-installed and cannot be deleted. Favorite

Google Already enabled the possibility of it from the cell phone android It is possible to detect bluetooth tracking devices, such as pneumatic signs to manzana. The two companies have teamed up to develop software that will alert users and allow them to control what data these types of products can take.

When the system detects a nearby tracker that appears to be moving with the user and away from its owner, an alert will be sent to the person, who will have the ability to contact the unknown tracker to locate it more easily.

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The app will display a map indicating when the tracking started, providing clues to who planted the tracker without permission.

Implementing this feature not only allows users to detect and block unauthorized trackers, but also gives them the option to disable the tracker and display the last four digits of the phone number associated with the device, which will help them identify who you are trying to track and take action.

This will all be done without the person doing the tracking knowing that they have been detected, giving users peace of mind that they are protecting themselves without being detected.

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