Horror at Google’s AI’s frightening predictions

Experts confirmed this this week The maximum age of the Earth is 250 million years, The time when planetary collapse and human extinction are thought to occur. Thus, there are several predictions from fortune tellers like Nostradamus or even from intellectuals NASA about asteroids, natural disasters, or other terrifying situations the world could go through. Added to this is Google’s artificial intelligence, which made a chilling prophecy asserting that “the United Kingdom will disappear at any moment.”

Today, the climate crisis is the most serious environmental problem and is caused by significant rises in temperatures, prolonged heat waves, terrible droughts, rising sea levels or more frequent weather phenomena such as earthquakes, tsunamis or hurricanes. in this way, The world must act before it is too late and global warming becomes ‘irreversible’Which would accelerate the extinction of humans and the disappearance of the planet as we know it.

Is the end of the world near? AI Google Bard warns UK is in ‘serious danger and could disappear’

As the Daily Star explains, Google Bard, the company’s eponymous artificial intelligence, was asked “when will the UK cease to exist”, as well as hinting at when the end of the world could come. The answer was as surprising as it was terrifying, because according to Bard, there were three ways in which the United Kingdom would be destroyed: As much as possible meteorite impact. Moreover, for the most nervous and paranoid people, this can happen “at any moment.”

“An asteroid impact large enough to destroy the UK island would be a very rare event, but not impossible. Such an impact would likely cause a global extinction event, so the UK would not be the only country to cease to exist. A supervolcanic eruption is a volcanic eruption that is much larger and more powerful than a typical volcanic eruption, and could destroy a UK island, but it also… A very rare event“, Google AI explained.

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This would be even more credible considering that it’s not the only prediction about a meteorite impact, as NASA has warned several times that asteroids could approach Earth and pass “very close to the planet.” On the other hand, Eno Alaric, a self-proclaimed “time traveler”, confirms that on October 3, a dangerous event will occur that could change human history forever, as an extraterrestrial ship will crash into Earth.

Although this is the most likely scenario, Google’s artificial intelligence gives two other possibilities: A massive volcanic eruption or a large, global rise in sea level.

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