According to the report, abuse during pandemic parties in the UK was ‘obvious’

Crimes committed at parties In British government offices during the pandemic were “conspicuous” to former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, according to a report Parliamentary committee unveiled on Friday.

Parliamentary Privileges Committee, which is investigating whether the former leader lied to Parliament about a so-called “party gate”, In his report, he noted, “The evidence strongly suggests that rule violations would have been apparent to Johnson at the time these matches were taking place.” illegal.

Johnson will have to testify at that committee’s inquiry the week of March 20 at the request of the Labor Party, which asked to be investigated last year.

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Labor opposition He suspected that Johnson was not awareHe also confirmed, that the parties that were in government positions during the period of confinement imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic were against the law.

“There is evidence that those who advised Johnson on what to say to the press and in the House of Commons had difficulties in ensuring that some meetings adhered to the (confinement) rules,” the document released today said.

The aforementioned committee also indicated that it would assess why Johnson told Parliament the rules had not been breached “when he knew what the guidelines were and was present at meetings where those rules were breached”.

It will also examine allegations made by the then prime ministerin December 2021, that “at Downing Street – the residence and official office of the Chief Executive – all rules have been fully followed” and that “guidance and rules have been followed at all times”.

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The committee will also study Why didn’t Johnson speak to parliament about the meetings he was present at?“.

The social events held in various public offices took place at a time when citizens in this country adhered to very harsh social rules, limiting interaction to a minimum to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

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