Healthy eating in the treatment center

October 16, 2022 – 10:25

On the occasion of World Food Day, which is celebrated on October 16, the team of the vegetable growing workshop at the Regional Therapeutic Center conducted a series of activities, the heroes of which were the users. Counseling proper nutrition She was responsible for Ms. Carolina Villagra, who emphasized the benefits of incorporating vegetables, fruits and hydration into eating habits.

Users made fruit and vegetable juices, lemonade, and healthy sandwiches with lettuce from the garden, accompanied by Lic. Maximiliano Bulacio, to learn about the vitamins and properties present in the flavor combinations of each ingredient, and to control good food handling practices, along with Prof. Monica Tola and Marcella Romero, in group dynamics work.

The active break was led by coach Claudio Escobedo, of the NCDs Directorate, who introduced coordination, balance, dance and stretching exercises.

In addition, the psychological games were played by Lucilla Montefiro, who made a crossword puzzle with fruits and vegetables.

It is worth noting that all the participants in the workshop participated in the activities carried out with the director of the treatment center Lic. Monica Chávez.

The days ended with tastings of the preparations and comparison made by the users.

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