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Camilla Parker Bowles She still remembers her married name to her ex-husband, Andrew Parker Bowles. In fact, followers kings Camilla is not remembered as a queen, but as a mistress Charles III who was cheating with him Lady Di.

Over time, the current queen has gained acceptance in Royal family For always being polite, never out of place, and being more sophisticated. Now it is a symbol of elegance, and Queen Isabel II She wrote that she would be the queen and she is. And unlike her mother-in-law, Camila wears a different look, so she checks it out ElNacional.cat.

Camilla Parker’s new look at 75

Account for Instagram The royal expert writes: “It looks like Queen Camilla has cut her hair. This angled bob is a bit of a departure from your typical look, and honestly, it’s so stunning in a grieving period. I looked at other pics from this week and think she definitely did it yesterday. or today.”

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“A bob cut to take on vacation for years, now that she’s already moved towards 80. She’s 75 and new hair is her favourite,” highlights by style expert magazine, Vanity FairNew cut and color make Queen Camilla look more modern.

Camila has always been a loyal customer of her hairdresser in London Joe Hansfordalthough he hasn’t confirmed whether Jo is the artist behind the latest look beauty Queen consort.

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In fact, her hairstyle has changed quite a bit over time, but recently she has had a more contemporary twist that royal fans don’t miss.

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The magazine She adds, “Her hair has been the same for 40 years. While other royals have tried occasional, sometimes imperceptible alterations to their hairstyles, like Elizabeth II, Queen Consort Camilla opted for a signature look and stuck with it. Aside from adding some extra highlights to accommodate the look of the white stripes, it still looked the same. “

The fact is that it is not known how much Camila’s new look will cost, since Joe Hansford has a confidentiality agreement and cannot talk about her famous clients.

It is known that getting color in this beauty salon London It costs 683 euros, according to the famous magazine. (And the)

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