He passed a $100,000 Chevrolet Camaro and asked the owner what he had done: The answer was surprising

The car owner was surprised by the advice he received. (Video: TikTok/@manumiguens)

via tiktoker a Chevrolet Camaro worth $100,000 In the parking lot and asked the owner what he did. Manuel He approached the driver's window and the response was surprising: “businessman”. Then he gave him a Life lesson To be able to get that “ship” one day and go viral Tik Tok.

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Through the account @manomegoines Share the post on the platform. “Look at this ship… How are you? Things are good?” “Can I ask you a question?” the user asked. “Yes, I know you're going to ask me what my job is.”“, answered the car owner.

Manuel was surprised to see the car and asked its owner for advice. (Photo by: TikTok/@manumiguens)

“I'm the kid who asks people what they're doing,” Manuel said. “I am a merchant,” the driver said. “Is there any advice you could give to someone who wants to own a car like this?”The Tiktoker insisted. The response was strong: “a job”.

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The user thanked him for his time and uploaded the video to the social network, which went viral. The video received 85,000 views and 5,000 likes. “Hahaha, he recognized me right away.”“, he wrote in the post's description.

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