Harry and Meghan Markle are one step away from separating

Harry and Meghan Markle’s recent gestures have sparked British media information about their possible divorce.

Harry from England married Meghan Markle on May 19, 2018. The UK has witnessed the first engagement of the son of Lady Dee and King Carlos III with the Hollywood actress. At St George’s Chapel, within Windsor Castle itself, they held a full fairytale celebration. Just a few days ago It was the fifth anniversary From this event referred to, alarms went off about a possible distance. The fact that it was last Friday They will neglect to celebrate this date It was very important to the British newspapers.

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There are many such means daily Mail, Which does not come from their surprise that they did not have a ceremony or a public gesture for that matter. Some even specialize in it Use the word “divorce” to refer to the situation can come. Even Tom Power, English journalist and royal biographer, confirms that the couple is already taking steps towards it. “There are a lot of people in London who say that Meghan is tired of Harry.”, he explains. Their information indicates, in fact, They were already living separately. After receiving the award a few days ago Get involved in the hunt through new york, The telegraph He reveals that the atmosphere between them will not be better. That is why they will be more distant every day.

the Dukes of Sussex They are already far from the British royal family. If this decision is made, Harry’s situation may change with all of them. At the coronation of Carlos III, for example, He went alone to Westminster Abbey It had a secondary role compared to the rest of the components. The reason Meghan Markle did not go to London, to celebrate her son’s birthday, was inappropriate to many. Just a few days ago, it was the makeup artist and her own friend who was already buzzing her with her latest remark about Harry’s nostalgia. He added a new reason for the estrangement, emphasizing that although it was clear that “Harry has certainly found his place and is firmly established in California, misses homeAdded to this are other gestures such as when Meghan distanced herself from Harry and He made a “Cobra” in the middle of a Lakers game When the “kiss camera” focused on them so that they could kiss each other in front of everyone present.

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Netflix is ​​interested in a movie about Harry and Meghan Markle and their history in Buckingham

This separation between Harry and Meghan Markle, if it finally happens, it also means the end of the professional projects that the couple is considering. On the Table is a film based on his life in Buckingham. Netflix is ​​the audiovisual giant they’ve had conversations withas he points out woman, to find out the real feasibility of said idea in the not too distant future. To make a decision, they simply wait to see how the audience reacts to “Scoop”.

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This movie is based on an interview with Prince Andrew BBC that generated a lot of controversy in 2019. There He tried to defend himself against the accusations about the alleged abuses and his image was greatly questioned thereafter. The British royal story is told from many angles and points of view, every time Harry or Meghan gets involved, tension and secrets increase. It has already happened with your Interview with Oprah Winfrey or with the stories told in the bio From the same year to Prince “Speer”.

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