Controversy in Russia over the delivery of the most famous Orthodox icon to the church

“Trinity”, Russian Orthodox Church icon painted in the 15th century by Andrei Rublev.

Today, Russian cultural experts sent a letter to the Minister of Culture, Olga LyubimovaSo as not to give the church the most famous icon in Orthodoxy, Trinity to Andrey Rublev. The letter, posted on the Society of Art Historians’ website, reads: “The fate of this masterpiece of medieval Russian painting is of deep concern to all of us who value medieval Russian culture.”

russian president, Russian President Vladimir PutinThis icon was given to the Orthodox Church last week, whose Patriarch, Kirillhe admitted that he had only borrowed it for two weeks.

Experts recall that its July 2022 transfer to Sergiev Posad Monastery, near Moscow, has already caused 60 points of damage to the surface of the painting, the largest work of art. Rublev (1360-1428), is considered the greatest Russian icon painter. Despite the work of the restorers, “its deterioration, caused by its transfer to the monastery, is progressing,” which is why members of the Committee on Ancient and Medieval Culture of the Russian Academy of Sciences came to the conclusion that the icon did so. He cannot leave the Tretyakov Gallery even “for a short time.”

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The church intends to display it on June 4 at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow and then move it permanently to the Trinity Cathedral in Sergiev Posad. Experts believe that “all these steps pose a serious danger to the icon Rublev and threatens to undermine the great work of art and national monuments.”

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They consider that the only people who can be responsible for the protection of the icon are the restorers and the “only space” for Trinity It should be the Tretyakov Gallery. They stressed that “we call for doing everything possible to prevent the destruction of the great monument of Russian and world culture.”

The Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, Kirill, has admitted that for two weeks he borrowed the “Trinity” icon, which President Putin gave to that church last week (Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images)

The Church responded today that it shares the museum community’s concern and even called the hasty transfer “extremely dangerous,” but considered some of the experts’ conclusions “excessive” and “unwarranted.”

Leaders’ decisions are not discussed but implemented. It is complied with by all law-abiding citizens. And the task of professionals is to fulfill it with dignity. Leonid KalininActing Chairman of the Patriarchate’s Council of Experts for Church Culture user interface.

The icon was found since 1929 among the funds of the Tretyakov Gallery, the main art gallery in the Russian capital, by decision of the Soviet authorities. While the Kremlin said it would discuss with experts the deadlines for handing over the icon, today the Rublev Museum has expressed its willingness to donate copies of the famous icon to its exhibition.

The Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg has also announced that it will give the medieval prince’s tomb to the church in May. Alexander Nevsky.

resolution put it inNot very well received by Russian society, he is a recognized believer, since in the last 20 years the Moscow Patriarchate has received many privileges, fully supporting the Russian military campaign in Ukraine.

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Source: EFE

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