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Since its launch in October 2017, it has been a job google lens It allows people to search for any content that they can see with their camera cell phone instead of entering text into a search engine Google. However, with the passage of time, Lens utilities have changed to offer many new features to get answers to questions. Searches.

To access the search engine platform, users must enter to request From Google, both from mobile phones android also iOS Then press the lens button on the far right of the search bar Google. Once inside the home screen of google lens You will be able to explore some of the options you have: Use a camera device To perform a search or upload a photo from a gallery phone.

Whether using a photo or capture by camera in real time, Google lenses he has the ability to Select textseither typed or handwritten, to be digitized later and treated as items of seek Or to create text that can be copied and pasted into a virtual context. Some of the functions that Google Lens currently has are:

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Google lenses It not only uses images or images from the device’s cameras as search terms, but also includes some features of the regular Google platform such as Text translation. However, the way Lens has to complete the process is different: it detects texts in the image or in front of the camera, recognizes the language in which they were written, and digitally locates the translated text in which it was captured or detected. camera.

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To do this, you will have to use the function translate located at the bottom of the camera’s capture options google lens. Autodetect takes text directly to a file language system, although both the source language and the language to be translated into can also be modified.

Another function that is automatically included in google lens is the callingimportant job’, which consists of pointing the device’s camera at a mathematical equation or problem (which can be handwritten or printed) and student de Lens will not only identify the numbers, signs, and letters involved, but will also provide an answer to the exercise, a step-by-step how-to for getting there, and alternative ways to solve the exercise.

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As with texts in other languages, mathematical equations are treated as search items and Google Lens can be used to learn how to solve them correctly.

08/12/2020 Google Lens to solve equations. GOOGLE LENS RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY POLICY

Pictures can also be used as terms Searches. With dinner function google lensEach person can take a picture of a dish of their choice or a restaurant menu to identify any dish by making a visual comparison between the dishes picture with their online counterparts.

Additionally, once they select the type of food served, users can select an option Restaurants at the top of the screen and select which of the establishments closest to the user’s location serves a particular type of food.

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Google Lens can also access a calendar Google To make it easier to include important dates of events or meetings in the activity log. The feature not only detects dates written or printed, but also identifies the format in which they were written for a more accurate recording.

Once the photo has been taken and Lens realizes that it is an appropriate date, users will be able to select an option that has an icon shaped like it calendarwhere other Supplementary Data can be entered for more details on the respective event locationAnd Information additional.

Identify places with Google Lens. Follow Favorite

In the event that you are in an unknown city, you can use google lens To discover important buildings or constructions to learn from date And other details. To activate this function, you just need to activate the Lens application and point the device’s camera towards the place you want to select.

Automatically, Google Lens will detect where it is next to possible Ratings from other tourists who visited it before.

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