Google Stadia will allow all users to broadcast games directly to YouTube tomorrow

From the start, it was supposed to be Google Stadia and YouTube To work together – Thanks to the magic of cloud computing, you will be able to click on a YouTube ad to start playing a game right away, YouTube users will be able to invite their viewers to join their game immediately, and perhaps most importantly, creators will be able to be able to live stream your Stadia games on YouTube instantly And easily by pressing a button on the console.

None of these things happened when Stadia was launched last November, but it looks like the biggest one will arrive tomorrow: every Stadia user will be able to livestream directly to YouTube starting tomorrow, confirms a representative for the edge.

This afternoon, 9to5Google I noticed That feature seemed to be a work in progress, and we also discovered the ability to link a YouTube account to our Stadia accounts – although we haven’t actually been able to stream yet. I think we’ll try that tomorrow.

to me 9to5Google, You still need to give your broadcast address and adjust some settings, such as whether the broadcast is kid-friendly (to comply with child protection rules). It’s also not clear if you’ll be able to stream in 4K exactly as Stadia originally promised. You will also likely need a $ 9.99 / month Stadia Pro subscription for that, as you do in the 4K game.

The feature couldn’t come at a more critical time for Stadia: the most important service game yet, Cyberpunk 2077This week, it will arrive at a time when next-generation consoles and the very latest graphics cards are building your own powerful PC It is very difficult and expensive to purchase. It’s the The biggest test of the Stadia stadiums yetAnd one of the companies she depends on: Buying Cyberpunk On the service comes with A full set of free Stadia devices for a limited time – It is not different The kit that gave it free to YouTube Premium subscribers.

People are flocking Cyberpunk 2077 From Stadia to YouTube may be Google’s largest single opportunity yet to demonstrate what its service can do.

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