Brown Defensive Player Vs the Titans: Who Was Elite, Medium and Replaceable Player at Week 13?

Cleveland, Ohio – Brown withstood the Titans on Sunday, 41-35. To provide a more complete picture of defensive performance, here’s how Pro Football Focus analysts rank Brown’s defensive players.

(PFF scores On a scale of 0-100, higher scores indicate better play. And the PFF has interpreted its scores this way: Elite 100-90; 89-85 Pro Bowler; 84-70 writer 69-60 backup copies; 59-0 is replaceable. In other words, it’s not much different from how the percentages match up with traditional letter grades in school.)

Check out player ratings for Brown vs Titans.

Line of defense

Miles Jarrett: 90.4.

Sheldon Richardson: 79.7.

Jordan Elliott: 69.8.

Olivier Vernon: 67.9.

Vincent Taylor: 58.0.

Larry Ujungobi: 52.0.0

Adrian Claiborne: 47.8.

NB: Garrett had four quarterback stresses and one sack. Get 84.0 for the run. Richardson also had four punches (one hit) and had the highest defense score (90.3). Ogunjobi had one bag and two missed interventions. Vernon had two speeds and an interference score (24.0) slightly higher than Ogunjobi’s (23.1).


Malcolm Smith: 91.4.

Tai Davis: 91.2.

Mac Wilson: 78.8.

Sione assay: 58.1.

Jacob Phillips: 58.0.

BJ Goodson: 45.1.

NB: Smith had the team’s highest coverage score (91.8), allowing two goals to be held at six yards. Wilson scored above 70.0 across the board, including 80.0 in intervention. Takitaki had the third best score versus the race (75.6). Goodson had the second lowest coverage score of the season (43.9), allowing for seven catches at eight goals over 114 yards. Davis played five shots.


Tavier Thomas: 63.8.

MG Stewart: 59.7.

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Kevin Johnson: 55.9.

Terence Mitchell: 47.8.

NB: Thomas had the highest coverage score among the full-back (63.5), but only played four shots. Mitchell had the second lowest coverage score of the season (44.2), allowing for five goals for eight goals for 95 yards and a touchdown.


Sheldrick Redwine: 61.1.

Andrew Sendigo: 58.2.

Carl Joseph: 55.3.

NB: Redwine had the team’s highest tackle score (80.5) but had only had one tackle. Joseph, who had three tackles, was second in the class intervention (80.3). Sendejo had seven tackles from the team high and scored 69.1 against range.

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