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An alert has been sent to all users so it is suggested to pay attention so as not to lose your dearest memories. As of July 19, Google It will delete the Album Archive, which is deprecated in the operating system.

The album archive has only been used to store material shared via certain Internet services. Google. Deleting it will cause all photos to disappear from the online registry, that is, they will disappear forever … or not.

Prior to July 19, users of Google They will have to perform the following steps to save all the photos. First check if you have photos in the archive by clicking . If so, follow these steps:

  • Program access Get out during .
  • The option will appear “image file” It was chosen as the only service to make the copy.
  • Accept the choice “next step”.
  • Click on the option “Email the download link”.
  • He chooses “One time export”zip format is recommended.
  • Within a few hours, you will receive the materials selected for safekeeping. Do it on your computer or on an external memory.

Let’s do some memory. he Album archive Created by Google In 2016 to store everything that comes from different apps in one place like Blogger, Picasa or Hangouts, but these services abandoned the album archive to create their own photo sites.

Where do you save your photos in the cloud

  • Provides free, unlimited storage for high-quality photos and videos (up to certain resolutions). It allows you to easily organize and search for photos, as well as provides editing and sharing functions. The archive feature allows you to hide albums and keep your photos organized without deleting them.
  • It allows you to store photos and videos in the cloud and access them from your Apple devices. It offers different storage plans and makes automatic backups of your devices. You can organize your photos into albums and use the archive feature to hide specific albums without deleting them.
  • It is a cloud storage service that is also useful for archiving photos. It provides different storage plans and allows you to organize your photos into folders and subfolders. You can use the archive feature to hide specific photos or folders and maintain an organized structure in your cloud photo library.
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