Google launches this smart watch for kids: no cell phone needed and it encourages exercise

The device measures various physical activities, such as the number of steps, jumps, and daily activity time. (EFE/Google)

Google launched the Fitbit Ace LTE smart watch designed specifically for children, which focuses on promoting physical activity through interactive games. This recently launched device seeks to entertain children and motivate them to move and stay active in a fun and educational way.

To achieve this, the watch includes Fitbit Arcade, a collection of games designed to take advantage of the user's movement. According to the companyThis method encourages children to be more physically active, as the more they move, the more they progress in the games and the more rewards they receive.This creates a positive cycle that promotes healthy habits from an early age.

The device measures various physical activities such as the number of steps, jumps, and daily activity time. And show it visually through a ring of activities called Noodle on the watch's home screen.

The smartwatch is also designed so that minors can contact their parents in case of an emergency. (Google)

When children reach their daily motor goalsNoodle celebrates with fun animations, motivating them to stay active and break their records.

“By completing daily activities and progressing through each game, kids earn tickets to the game room to customize their avatar’s appearance with new clothes or even decorate their house in Bit Valley, the avatar’s original home,” the company said in the device’s announcement.

In addition to being a device for entertainment and fitness motivation, the Fitbit Ace LTE provides parents with peace of mind and security. Equipped with built-in LTE connectivity, it allows parents to track the physical location of their children, as well as communicate with them through calls, text messages and voice messages.

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This function is possible without the need for children to have an additional cell phone, This facilitates continuous communication and family supervision.

The smartwatch is also designed so that minors can contact their parents in case of an emergency. (Google)

To use it, parents simply download the Fitbit Ace app for iOS or Android on their phone and kids will have it up and running within minutes. No need to buy a SIM card, pay activation fees or visit a service providerGoogle said in a statement.

The watch also includes an emergency communications function, allowing children to quickly call their parents or other pre-selected contacts in urgent situations, ensuring they can always be there if needed.

In terms of design and resistance The Fitbit Ace LTE is equipped for active use by children and its battery has a capacity of up to 16 hours. With water resistance up to 50 meters and protection from bumps and scratches thanks to Corning Gorilla Glass 3, the device is ready to take on kids' daily activities without compromising on its functionality or durability.

next to, The smart watch provides the ability to set a school schedule, allowing parents to set time periods during which certain tasks, such as games, are performedlimited to avoiding distractions during school hours.

The smartwatch is also designed so that minors can contact their parents in case of an emergency. (Google)

Currently, the device is sold in the US for $229.95. However, to access all of the device's features, including calling, messaging, and real-time location, a subscription to Fitbit Ace Pass, available for $9.99 per month or $119.99 per year, is required.

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Google has announced future plans to further improve the functionality of the Fitbit Ace LTE. The “Click to Pay” system is expected to be implemented in the coming months. It is a feature that will allow children to make contactless payments using their pocket money.

In addition, we plan to continue regularly updating the games available on Fitbit Arcade, ensuring that kids always have new gaming experiences that keep them interested and motivated in their daily physical activity.

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