Yooka-Laylee’s creators announced that they are working on a new game and will be showing it soon

Playtonic Games has posted a message, but it doesn’t leave much clues as to what it is intending to do.

Playtonic Games, The studio ex-Rare founded Chris Sutherland, About developing a new adventure through a message posted on Twitter. It is the British team in charge of Yucca Lily s Yucca Lily and the Impossible Den. For now they haven’t provided details, but they have confirmed that they will say more about their new project soon.

“We wanted to immensely embrace our community and our friends. We know you wonder what we were cooking, Although we still can’t say something we will reveal it soon. Thank you for being patient with us, ”this tweet written from the official Playtonic Games account.

The studio doesn’t leave a lot of clues in the message about its new gameThe study has actually shown that it can surprise us in several ways; For something they have a lot of rare myths among their roots. We have seen this in his two games. While the first Yooka-Laylee game was a 3D platformer, In the ’90s style, With its sequel they change the record and create a business More traditional side scrollingBut with new items, proof that they have chameleon records. They have already said for a long time that they want their projects to offer different playability with each other so that they do not get stuck.

In the letter the study wrote, they are capitalizing on the word soon, so hopefully the announcement is imminent. exist Many rumors About the possibility that they take responsibility for epics like Kazoo Banjo, Such as Several members of the saga joined the study. although Was rejected A while ago. But it looks like the sights are set to a new IP. Anyway you have to wait, and what’s better than reading us análisis de Yooka-Laylee and the impossible hideout.

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