Google has a new function to avoid Drive virus documents

Google Docs implements a warning notice about potentially malicious links (Image: EP)

In a new update, The Google It will implement warnings to alert users to potentially malicious links within files on to cut from the web.

The technology company announced that this method will help people not fall into traps phishing Or in any other social engineering strategy that may be risky.

In the coming weeks Warning banner or notice in documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and graphics from users before opening the potentially dangerous link. That is, the ad won’t appear when there are secure links inside documents, so if the warning isn’t shown, the document is more likely to be trustworthy.

Google remembered that they previously announced that there will be Warning banners for potentially harmful or dangerous files located on google drive And they are now extending the warnings at the file level.

Reference image with yellow warning sign (Image: Google)
Reference image with yellow warning sign (Image: Google)

“We are extending these warnings to the file level; in the future, if you open a file in Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides on the web, you will see these warnings.”

This implementation will help people to Protect yourself from potential scammers that used google files to place malicious links. Previously, the warning only appeared in Drive and in the coming weeks it will also be available on the web.

Supposedly in 2020 wired Note that there were many Scams in many Google sharing and collaboration features To display malicious files to unsuspecting or unsuspecting users.

The tech said that the method will be applied to administrators and users with individual profiles and that this option cannot be configured, because it will appear by default. will be available for all clients Google workspaceas well as for G Suite Basic and Business users.

Google continues to add security features (Image: Google Docs)
Google continues to add security features (Image: Google Docs)

It is currently being rolled out in the areas of express release, But it will start showing up for most users within 15 days.

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Last month Google reported the implementation of a where you work the documents Designed to make it easier to use your word processor to compose emails.

It is a template for emails that participants can write in from Google Docs. Once the content is ready, type an email on a blank page or select the “Email Draft” option.

Google docs.  (Image: Google)
Google docs. (Image: Google)

An email template will be added automatically so you can get started. This obviously includes an email, recipient ID, subject line, and body. When you are ready to send, Click the Gmail icon on the left To open the mail service.

This feature seems to be very useful for emails where multiple people can contribute, Let everyone collaborate to edit it in Google Docs Post comments and suggestions.

Of course, there is nothing to prevent copying and pasting text between the two Google services mentioned above, but the purpose of Smart Canvas It is to facilitate switching between products like these.

Google says the email compose feature it announced last month will be available to all Google Workspace customers as well Anyone using previous plans G Suite Basic and Business.

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