Touching video of Atletico Madrid to stop bullying at school

The Spanish team joined the campaign with an original video

this friday Atletico Madrid He took advantage of the criticism his coach had received in recent weeks, Diego Pablo Simeone, for his style of play to join a campaign to end bullying at school. The original and emotional video posted by the club immediately went viral on social media.

As explained by the Spanish Foundation “School bullying is a problem that leads to 200,000 suicides (among young people aged 14-28) every year worldwide.”. In addition, “the campaign is part of a project led by the club’s foundation, which will include awareness-raising discussions in cooperation with schools during the next season.” The video was released ahead of World School Bullying Day, on May 2, and a second clip will be released in the coming days.

Spain is one of the European countries most affected by the scourge of bullying, after the United Kingdom, Russia and Ireland.. According to data from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, children between the ages of 12 and 14 are most likely to be bullied. “A situation that often translates into physical assault and psychological harassment, also through social networks,” explained the club, which used data from a report published by the international organization this year. Unlimited bullying.

In the video, a boy is seen sitting alone in his school cafeteria while a group of his classmates are enjoying throwing the rest of the food at him. The rest of the students laugh at what is happening or simply notice the boy suffering in silence, which is very common in these cases. It all goes on Another young man appears in an Atletico shirt with Stefan Savic 15 and stops the projectiles with his grade. He then sits next to the victim and starts a conversation to break the silence and puts a smile on his new friend.

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Sometimes the real cracks are those who defend, not those who attack. It is the motto used in this campaign by the Colchonero team defined by a philosophy more defensive than offensive under Diego Simeone. With this, the Spanish club not only published a video that helps raise awareness about this problem that afflicts millions of boys and girls around the world, but also manages to highlight its football style.

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