Glass Onion, Netflix’s biggest theatrical release, why?

The Glass Onion: Backstabbing Mystery is coming to Netflix in December. Find out why his premiere is so historic for the company.

glass onionA Daggers in the Back by award-winning director Rian Johnson marks the return of Detective Benoit Blanc. This time, a shrewd detective travels to Greece to unravel a mystery involving new suspects. renewed crew, Daniel Craig It provides the common thread between the first part and this sequel.

Thinking about this new episode, the director said, “The phrase I come back to over and over when talking about the first movie is: Crossword“.It is a common mistake when writing nonsense, to think that you are solving a crossword puzzle, and the interesting thing is that the audience will analyze all this and figure it out.”

Production, which already has an official trailer, is very close to release. And so, on the countdown, Netflix is ​​making all the preparations for its launch. The journey has already begun TorontoIt premiered on September 10 at the Canadian Film Festival.

Historic first show

In addition, it will now have a one-week window in November that can be seen in theaters. It’s the first time in history that the three major theater series have entered United State They agreed to offer the platform’s first offer.

AMCAnd the free gift s Cinema They agreed to allow the feature film to be shown. The first two were very reluctant to support the digital company in distributing their products. This is because of the obvious competition between going to the movies versus watching movies at home.

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However, the latter has always been an ally of the virtual channel and even put two of her latest songs to the public: red notice s gray man. Now, all three together add up to 600 places where the Glass Onion can be seen.


With this, it is the second of four films in Franchise By Johnson becomes the largest theatrical release in Netflix’s existence.

“These films are made to move people. I can’t wait to feel the energy crew When they see onion glass.” That developer said about the possibility of having his nickname in the rooms.

This is a milestone for Netflix, which will continue to try to lay its pearls on as quickly as possible. Blondehis other big show of the year, premiered in theaters in Los Angeles.

Obviously, in other countries you will have to wait longer to be able to enjoy this plot. It should be remembered that Netflix acquired the rights after purchasing it 450 million dollars.

After his brief stint in physical spaces, The Adventures of Blanc II will arrive on Netflix today December 23.

In addition to directing, it was also produced and written by Rian Johnson. In addition, Daniel Craig will not only be in the title role, but also in the cast Edward NortonKatherine Hahn and Kate Hudson Dave baptist. Janelle Monae, Leslie O’Dorn Jr., Jessica Henwick and Madeleine Klein will also appear.

Cast of onion glass.

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