The Science and Water Museum celebrates World Space Week – Murcia – San Javier

The Science and Water Museum, in collaboration with the Scientific Publishing Association of Murcia, is once again joining in the celebration of World Space Week (#WSW2022), a celebration sponsored by the United Nations General Assembly that has been implemented since 1990 in consideration of “the contributions of space science and technology to the improvement of the human condition”. This year’s theme is “Space and Sustainability”, with which we want to “achieve sustainability in and from space, as well as popularize the close relationship that exists between the good state of space and the use that humanity makes of it and, more specifically, of the tropical region that surrounds the Earth”.

For this year, a series of conferences and special planetarium sessions are in place. Various publishers specializing in astronomy will be among the first. On Friday, October 7, the museum will feature Nahum Mendez Shazarra, the geologist who writes the blog “A Geologist in Trouble,” with “Space Mining: A Sustainable Alternative?”.

On the morning of Saturday, the eighth, they will have Angel Gomez Roldan, a space scientist and director of Astronomia, who will be holding the Exploration of Mars, the Red Planet conference. On the same Saturday, Alejandro Sánchez de Miguel, an astrophysicist specializing in light pollution, will speak on the issue at the “Light Pollution: In Heaven and on Earth” conference.

In addition, special planetarium sessions were organized with screenings of astronomy films for children and young adults (“Polaris”, “Beyond the Sun”, “Exploring the Solar System”) as well as films for the general public and with prior knowledge of astronomy (“Deep Sky”). ‘, ‘Ring World’).

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Conferences will be held in the Assembly Hall of the Museum. You can reserve a place in all activities. Reservations can be made in person and by phone (968.211.998). Those who have reserved a place must present themselves 15 minutes before the start of the activity at the Museum reception to confirm their attendance.

If you don’t, they may lose your reservation. Conference entry is free until full capacity is reached. Planetarium sessions cost 1 euro.

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