Gibraltar is slightly affected by the UK’s air traffic problems


Gibraltar Airport has managed to avoid the brunt of flight disruptions caused by the failure of UK air traffic control.

The easyJet overnight flight from Gatwick was canceled yesterday, but all other flights operated as normal.

The morning EasyJet flight from Bristol Airport was also canceled today, but all other flights operated as normal.

The airport served 2,309 passengers in the past two days, one of the busiest periods of the year.

“We don’t like flights being cancelled, but I think we’ve been very lucky,” said Air Station Manager Terrence Lopez. “Many other airports have suffered greatly, while Gibraltar only saw one flight canceled yesterday and one today. And, of course, we are We understand that those who have been affected feel frustrated.My advice is to continue to check airline websites for the latest information before you fly, check any emails or texts they have sent you, and plan ahead for any potential disruptions, especially if you are traveling with children or have to To continue the journey. The journey.”

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