Gesture Games, by Santi Nola

In the opening match of the Olympic women’s soccer match between Canada and Japan, Rebecca played Katherine Quinn, the first transgender woman to compete in a game. He wasn’t the only Canadian midfielder. Laurel Hubbard, 43, was the first moving athlete to compete in an Olympic weightlifting event. It should be borne in mind that the IOC has allowed transgender athletes since 2004. For this they must show low testosterone levels in the past 12 months and can be classified if at least four years have passed since their transition. They are not the only gestures that can be seen in games of silence.

Passing in games: “Of course, that’s not fair,” weightlifters say

The party has already started with a double standard and with 49 per cent women participating, the highest number of any Games, and close to parity that will already occur in the upcoming Paris 2024. It was also the Olympic event in which he was able to see the mixed relay and games discussed in Tartan for the first time about the new high-heeled shoes for the bottom and those spikes for speed that Usain Bolt comforted an Italian in the legendary 100m test does not like them.

Olympic Tokyo is full of new messages since the opening

It’s also the Tom Daley Games knitting in the bleachers and declares after winning the gold in the jumps to feel proud “for being a gay and an Olympic champion.” Or those acquittal of mothers like Una Carbonell and Mylene Schorot. Or those who want to be, like swimmer Jessica Fall, who stated in an interview on vanguard I ask permission to be a mother. Yes, it wasn’t just the Queen Biles Games, in which she put the pressure of elite athletes on the table and equalized mental and physical injuries. It was also the Olympic event for Team Refugees and first gold medal for Bermuda, which has a population of just 68,000, where Flora Duffy suspended herself in a triathlon while a typhoon loomed over Japanese soil.

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And those are the games, too, where the long dress uniforms of German gymnasts sparked yet another controversy in a sport accustomed to classic, shiny clothing that is too tight and too short. German athletes also wanted to make their mark in a sport, such as gymnastics, which monopolized many of the games’ great debates with the king of swimming, Caleb Dressel, a queen who would eventually compete in just one exercise, Olympic champions with 13 years in figure skating and athletes

They will be practicing climbing for the first time. They are also signs of the new age.

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