Germany: a giant wave hits a ferry carrying passengers in Hamburg

A strong wave caused by Storm Jelenia They smashed the ferry windows On the Elbe River in Hamburg, Germany; The moment was recorded by a passenger’s cell phone. The truth did not happen to the big companies and there was only one minor injury, according to the agencies AP s France Press agency.

The ferry Hadag was sailing last Thursday on the Elbe between Hamburg and Finkenwerder, until a huge, powerful wave hit opposite the windows him very violently. A video of one of the passengers was immediately uploaded to social media and shows the dramatic moment the passengers are going through in transportation.

Soon the people who were sitting on the boat seats got up and ran to find a safe place where the water would not reach. The video shows that the wave hit the passengers who were in front, right in front of the window.

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Local media is investigating the causes of the windows’ receding, as it was “a never-before-seen incident” and that the panels were “waterproof”.

A wave hit a ferry in Germany.

Storms will continue in Germany in the coming days

Previously, meteorologists warned that northern Europe would suffer a series of storms on Thursday that would wipe out trees and power lines, and for this reason, it is necessary to postpone rail and air traffic. On the one hand, German railway company Deutsche Bahn suspended long-haul flights in seven northern regions on Thursday. So did the national airline, Lufthansa, canceling its flights.

They reported from the Associated Press that large ships will be prevented from sailing in the lower waters of the Elbe River, which connects the port of Hamburg with the sea. Similarly, the German weather agency DWD predicts that Storm Zainab hit the country on Friday. It’s not the first case of severe storms passing through Hamburg, 60 years ago floods caused by storms left 300 people dead.

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There have been at least four deaths in Germany, including two drivers, aged 37 and 55, who were crushed by trees when they fell on their car, one near Bad Bevensen, south of Hamburg, and the other in the area. Harz, southwest of Berlin, where a state of emergency has already been declared due to the current situation.

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