The Canadian Parliament has canceled an extraordinary session for security reasons

Canada’s House of Commons exceptionally canceled its session on Friday for security reasons, while police prepare to open the streets of downtown Ottawa, paralyzed for nearly three weeks by truck drivers opposing health measures, his boss announced.

A police operation is planned on Wellington Street [donde está la sede del Parlamento] and other locations in downtown Ottawa, “today’s (Friday) session has been cancelled,” House Speaker Anthony Rutte announced in a press release.

This is the first time since the start of this protest at the end of January, which took place mainly in front of the Federal Parliament, that the Chamber’s work has been suspended.

“If you are not (already) in the House of Commons, please stay away from the city center until further notice,” Rutte said.

“If you are already inside the buildings, please stay inside the building and wait for the instructions of the Parliamentary Protection Service officers,” he added.

Mark Holland, leader of the government in the House of Commons, told AFP that the House hoped “to be able to resume work on Saturday.”

He added that “the House of Representatives will do its work, and parliamentarians will vote early next week on the emergency law proposal.”

This discussion began on Thursday after the provision was invoked on Monday by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

This is the second time in peacetime that this provision has been used in Canada. The precedent goes back to the 1970 crisis, when Pierre Elliott Trudeau, the father of the current prime minister, was in power.

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Canadian police announced, Thursday, that their intervention to close the streets of Ottawa, which were paralyzed by hundreds of trucks, is imminent.

At night, two leaders of the movement were arrested. A security perimeter has been established around the city center and around 100 checkpoints are used to restrict entry into the area.

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