Genshin Impact: How to unlock the hidden teleport point in Floresta de las Erinias

There are a lot of hidden teleportation points in Genshin Impact, and many of them present a challenge or puzzle that players must complete to reach them. This is not the case with the cache at Floresta Erinias. Here’s how to open it and the answers to Rusty Helm’s questions.

Update 4.2 added a lot of exciting new features, ranging from enemies, characters, additional resources, and much more to Genshin Impact. However, in addition to this, there are new adventures to discover and puzzles to solve as you explore the Erinnyes Forest in the game.

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So, since the Erinys Forest is full of mysteries, it is not surprising that there is a waypoint hidden within the cave. Below we explain how to unlock Erinias’ hidden teleport point and how to answer all of the Rusty Helm questions in Genshin Impact.

How to unlock Erinias’ hidden teleport point in Genshin Impact


Unlocking the hidden teleport point in Erinias Forest in Genshin Impact isn’t as easy as stumbling upon it. You will have to follow the following steps to access:

  • Head to Erinias Forest and walk to the right of the Caliginous Forest Path towards the Rusty Rudder.
  • Find the cave entrance blocked by a wall.
  • Next, talk to Permingeat and answer his three questions correctly.
  • Once that’s done, you can use the cannon to destroy the wall and enter the cave, revealing the hidden waypoint.
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Fortunately, other than answering the questions correctly, finding this waypoint isn’t too difficult.

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All Rusty Rudder Genshin Impact Rusty Rudder Questions and Answers

To get to the valley, it is necessary to answer Berminget’s quests correctly. So, here are all the Rusty Helm questions and answers:

Here it is, so you can unlock the hidden waypoint Erinyes V Genshin Impact And answer the rusty Bermingite helmet questions.

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