GameStop reflects growing intolerance in the United States

A well-known investor in a hedge fund Ray Dalio He talked about the rebellion of retail investors that drove down stocks like GameStop, AMC o American Airlines, And it caused heavy losses to the known declining funds.

What happened these days is, according to its founder Bridgewater AssociatesIt is another sign of growing intolerance among those with opposing views affecting the United States.

What then Read?

Herd speculation is dominating Wall Street

“What worries me most is the public anger – and hate almost – and the idea of ​​dropping people who are now almost everywhere in every aspect of the country,” Dalio said in an interview with The Washington Post. He said that “this general desire to harm each other” is a cause for concern.

Understand the mechanics of the markets

While the move by small investors to bid for video game store shares may sound like a “rebellion,” it shows that they are beginning to understand the mechanics of the markets, as it is for those who are under pressure from short bets.

However, investors do feel some knowledge of it, Dalio said.

He said, “They remind me a lot at that age.” “I started investing at a young age and I was a rebel and I wanted to do it on my way and knock it down.”

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