Future Machine will fix your iPhone screen as if by magic

It is now possible to repair the screen spending less and without having to remove it!

The screen is one of the most critical points of an iPhone and one of the most common repairs

iPhone repair is not usually a friendly expense for our budget. Although Apple began offering self-service repair programs last year to make this increasingly available, there are still components that need a specialized process to return to their original condition. One of those is iPhone screen. But this could also be easier soon.

Technology around smartphones is not only focused on design and functionality, but is increasingly taking into account other associated protocols, as is the case with fixes. According to a video posted by YouTuber Spare Partswhich is known for creating its own iPhone in China, New machine focus on OLED screen repairlike the one used by Apple, changes the process known to date.

Same laser for creation and repair

In the video, you can see a YouTube user visiting the workshop where one of the machines is being worked on. The system relies on the use of lasers that can repair facial traces on OLED screens without having to remove them.. As it turns out, the machine doesn’t repair glass or flex cables, so those components need to be in good shape.

The traces it repairs are tiny paths that carry electrical signals across the screen. When these traces are damaged, visible lines or other display problems may appear on the screen. The same laser used in manufacturing is used to fix these annoying lines.

A machine that requires a manual operator is capable Fix the screen while it is still on. This allows the operator to visually track the repair process and instantly know when the problem has been resolved when the change occurs immediately.

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Another amazing feature is that The machine is equipped to adjust screen bending. The bend, which is attached to the front of the screen, can be folded to the other side as needed.

However, even though it is a great solution for a certain type of problem that can probably save us in future fixes, There are other problems it doesn’t solve like iPhone screens that are physically broken due to cracks or scratches. The repair process is only applied to the OLED panel below and is usually integrated into the glass.

in the video Not much is shared about the manufacturerthough he did share an email for those who are curious or really interested in knowing more details about this amazing device.

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