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Relationships between men and women of different ages are not new to cinema. The United Kingdom produced this new saga of old men in love with little girls, starring Peter O’Toole. For the culmination of the story, the actor received an Academy Award nomination.

Director Roger Michel added to the plot the identity traits of two heroes who seemed destined to fail to understand each other, due to the perceived social, cultural, and sensory differences that seemed to separate them irretrievably.

The girl is fond of some trifles of the world era, such as tattoos, fast food and light music. Sarcastic and ambiguous situations work, but the story does not stem from the paths of the spoiled girl she hopes an old man with a big heart will learn, but from intense emotion, physical desire, and dark impulses that drive the man’s semi-compulsive approach. The old man towards a young woman.

Michelle develops a series of sexual and moral prejudices in dysfunctional couples. Perhaps this harshness in his cinematic rhetoric means the greatest critical point that can be made in his film, which sometimes indicates the absence of lyricism or the development of more creative dialogues than those chosen in the script.

The text is organized, accurate, and rich in presenting simple situations and scenes of credibility and transparency. Haris Zambarloukos’s photography is impeccable, at the height of his priceless everyday discourse, with a passionate London backdrop, whose theatrical scenes show up in the spectator’s memory who appreciates culture. Music teaches how to complete the rigors of a casual relationship due to its obsessive nature.

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The cast, with very few shades, is headed by O’Toole along with surprising Jodie Whitaker, and she’s very natural in front of the camera. The film is completed by notable British actors led by Leslie Phillips and Richard Griffiths, and especially Vanessa Redgrave. “Venus” illustrates the relentless passing of time and the inevitable devastation of the sensibilities of two characters trying an impossible relationship.

data sheet:

Directing: Roger Michel. Country: England. Year: 2006. Duration: 96 minutes. Text: Hanif Qureshi. Summary: Morris and Ian, old and retired actors, chat in a café. The arrival of Jesse, Ian’s granddaughter, made Morris discover how little he knew about himself as his life drew to a close.

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