Free download and go on forever 4 funny games for PC from the authors of Bugsnax and Octodad – PC

The Young Horses team presents four mini-projects on Steam that will entertain more than one player.

If you are one of those who always finds a moment to try certain video games that border on bullshit, then you will probably be interested in the latest strategy from the Young Horses studio. Known for developing titles like Pogsnax or eighthNow, this team surprises us Giving up 4 of his titles via steam. In this case we are talking about Ants, Snakedate, Freelancer, Octodad (student edition); Nothing happens if you don’t know them, we summarize their hypothesis below in the same news.

What is the reason for this surprise? according to Eurogamer, the portal that initially found these gifts on the Valve platform, Young Horses has started a “Free Range Initiative” through which they offer new and old shipments. Developers define it as “Smaller side projects‘, but we are sure that more than one will be entertained for a few hours with these special experiences.

What is the theme of each free game?

With an unexpected proposal but full of hilarious situations, ants He invites us to take control of a giant humanoid finger wearing a top hat, and must use his diplomatic skills to make his way through an ant colony. for his part, snake It puts us in the shoes of a snake looking for love through a Tinder-style app. How do we show our love? Well, wrap potential partners with the long body of the animal.

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We can say that independent It’s about survival, though it’s not what you might imagine it to be. Controlling an ant, we will have to overcome the obstacles of a large human habitation and find food for the rest of the colony. finally, Octodad (Student Edition) It’s the first version we’ve seen with this daddy octopus, as the Young Horses members developed the game while they were still students.

Obviously, we are talking about proposals that are not to the taste of all players. However, because it is free, it is worth downloading it in a moment and enjoying these special experiences, if you do not challenge us with an octopus trying to be a good father, try to introduce us to the ant colony in a strange way.

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