Uruguay: Third general strike against pension reform in Lacalle Pou | The project raises the retirement age for workers from 60 to 65 years

Uruguay saw a new 24-hour general strike on Tuesday called by its trade union, PIT-CNT, to reject a pension reform bill. The project promoted by the government of Louis Lacalle Poe and resisted by the unions and the opposition, The retirement age for workers will increase from 60 to 65 years. In parallel with the measure of power, the plenary assembly of the House of Representatives voted to grant half a penalty to the project.

“hidden tax settlement”

Head of PIT-CNT, Marcelo AbdullahHe said that “all branches of activity” were added to the force gauge and noted that the strike was “broad and powerful”. “This is a protest demonstration and at the same time an important work with all social organizations”, maintained the union reference. The workers gathered on Tuesday afternoon near the Legislative Palace.

This is the third general strike against the government’s project to reform the pension system and affected transportation, taxi service, public and private health, banking, education at all levels, and work in municipalities. The National Organization of Associations of Retirees and Retirees in Uruguay also joined the protest.

Rejection based “It invites us directly to work more years to retire and earn less.”As summed up by the President of the Unified Telecommunications Union, Gabriel Molina, member of PIT-CNT leadership. The union expressed its rejection of a “secret financial amendment” that represents “the solid core of the country’s project to promote inequality.”

Payment of the project

The Uruguayan Chamber of Deputies has broadly approved the draft reform of the social security systemwho achieved Half of the sentence in the Senate on December 28. However, it underwent changes after Cabildo Aperto and Partido Colorado, the two partners in the government coalition, proposed amendments to the original text.

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On Tuesday noon, parliamentarians began voting on the draft articles that were not accompanied by the opposition coalition of the Broad Front, which ruled Uruguay between 2005 and 2020, nor the main unions and social groups. Final approval of the text is expected on Thursdaywhen it is dealt with by the Senate, a state to which it must return because of the changes that have occurred.

Monday’s session of deputies was attended for a few minutes by Lakale Bo, who went to the parliament to witness a law commemorating the 108th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, and later entered the chamber of the parliament to watch the debate.

Created with the endorsement of the Committee of Social Security Experts, The reform has been described as “necessary” and “solidarity” President of Uruguaywho highlighted its approval as one of the top priorities in his term. instead of, Al-Abdullah expressed that it constitutes a “hidden financial settlement.” and “cut off rights”.

“A reform was born that criticizes an alleged deficit in the Banco de Previsión Social and in other institutions, but instead of improving the form of financing, it ends up cutting rights,” emphasized the leader of PIT-CNT, who added: “I have Creating Frankenstein.

The pension reform adjusts the current average retirement ageis currently in his sixties. If approved, it will be capped at 61 years old For those born in 1973, it gradually increases by one year to end at age 65 for those born after 1977.

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