France on alert for bird flu | He issued a decree to confiscate poultry

France Released this Friday Poultry confinement in their lands in Europe after increasing the “high” risk Bird flu by Increasing cases in neighboring countries.

This increased level of risk means that breeders Lock the animals in the chicken coops To prevent them from coming into contact with vulnerable migratory birds, as the Netherlands has already done.

The government is trying to avoid what happened Last winter, when nearly 500 outbreaks were recorded, Mainly in the southwestern region famous for the production of “foie gras”. More than 3.5 million birds were culled, especially ducks.

“The increase in the dynamics of infection in the migration corridors justifies raising the level of danger” to “high” on French territory in Europe, states the decision published in the Official Gazette, which takes effect immediately.

The Ministry of Agriculture justified this decision in a statement by highlighting the cases recorded in Europe in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, as well as in three German hatcheries and six in northeastern Italy.

France too Three outbreaks of bird flu have been reported, but in special pens, in two northern departments, on the border with Belgium, the ministry said.

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