He threw his pregnant wife into the void after taking selfies – news

Aysal’s death occurred on June 19, 2018, when the man escorted his seven-month-old pregnant wife to Fethiye’s Valley of Butterflies, where they were supposed to be on vacation.

Two years later, the man was arrested and charged with first degree murder. According to the newspaper the sunThe 40-year-old widower has denied responsibility for his wife’s death.

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“After taking a picture, my wife put the phone in her bag. He asked me later to give him the phone. I got up and then I heard my wife screaming behind me as I took a few steps to get the phone out of her bag.”

In the indictment published by the Turkish media Wall, Detail that they “sat there for about three hours during which the defendant waited for a moment there were no people around” to throw her into the void.

The man tried at the time to collect the insurance, but the bank refused because the investigation was underway.

In an interview, the victim’s brother, Naim Yulko, said Hakan got three credits on behalf of his wife to go skydiving.

This caught their attention because the woman was against borrowing and the man did not like heights.

Finally, the Fethiye High Criminal Court has ruled that Hakan must remain in pre-trial detention on charges of premeditated murder of his pregnant wife.

According to the Turkish organization Let’s stop killing females There were 300 cases of femicide in Turkey in 2020 and another 170 suspected deaths of women.

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