Four Argentines compete for the “Best Mural in the World”

Four Argentines compete for the “Best Mural in the World” (Telam)

Three young Argentine artists will compete for the first time in the prestigious Street Art Cities platform competition, alongside the already seasoned artist Martin RonAt the end of the month, the “Best Mural of the Year” will be chosen from among about 50 street art paintings from several continents, according to the results of a vote open to the public from all over the world in the coming weeks.

“Roar of the Storm”, a mural of three cats created by publicist, film director and artist in Buenos Aires Julian Cruz Solano This painting is located in a building in the Romanian city of Sibiu, and is one of the proposals that already won last July the “Best Mural” platform in the monthly competition held by Street Art Cities from January to December.

These three feline expressions (with closed eyes, an alert gaze and a full roar), in a play of gradated colors, represent “the external energy and the different structures of water, symbolizing the internal energy” and a feline figure. “Dancing in the rain turns every drop into a mighty river that waters dreams of life,” Solano explains of the mural titled “Directing Pain.”

“Roar of the Storm”, a mural of three cats placed by Buenos Aires publicist, film director and artist Julian Cruz Solano on a building in the Romanian city of Sibiu (Tilam)

Solano has businesses in Chile, Panama, Colombia, Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina. Last year, after his first participation in festivals in Europe, he was also able to take his art to Romania, Albania and Germany.

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The other work that will participate in the international competition is a painting of huge purple and red flowers occupying the side of a building in Valencia, France. Its authors, both residents of Chascomus, Pilar Tolosaarchitect and urban planner, and Julian Razkina visual communications designer, formed the duo “Cíclope” with which they transport their paintings to the world.

“Flowers, like a promise, grow in the garden of my mind. They are the dreams that shape the times to come. Plant today quietly. 'Because these flowers of the future will be ours,'” is the text accompanying the image of the work on the Street Art Cities platform.

Last year, this mural participated in the “French Wall and Love” competition, as part of a trip that led Cyclops to install his works in Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Assen (Netherlands), La Pañeza (Spain). ), Boulogne-sur-Mer and Valence (France), Dundalk (Ireland), and Stockholm (Sweden).

Works by Pilar Tolosa and Julian Razquin, members of “Cíclope” (Télam)

When it came to deciding how street art entered his life, Solano says the murals allowed him to continue “connecting with art through emotions and from the narrative of the image in a freer way,” with “more points of creativity.” Which confirmed to him a kind of game of “mixing and merging techniques and styles.”

Solano, who since 2009 has been exploring different artistic languages ​​such as airbrush, photography and drawing, graduated in 2016 as an animation film director and advertising art director. He believes that the mural needs greater “recognition” and getting rid of the view of those who portray the activity as a simple hobby for some “for the love of art.”

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“This makes street art unstable, and the work and effort that goes into creating a mural is underestimated,” he warns.

Likewise, for the artistic duo Cyclops (Tolosa and Razquin), formed after graduating from the National University of La Plata, it will be necessary for the murals to stop “self-managing” and receive support so that the painters do not have to do so. It is “Getting resources and asking for donations for the painting.”

Martin Rhone and his mural of Lionel Messi (Reuters/Agustín Markarian)

On the street “we are trying to reinvent the world and change social reality, at least a little,” they talk about their life project and insist on the importance of the murals being “enjoyed” by all people, both those who live on the street and on the street. The surrounding areas where it is installed, such as these casual visitors.

“Ciclope is a project that expresses languages ​​such as design, architecture and communication. The power of the work operates in an intimate relationship with nature, force and its organic forms. At the same time, the elements combine lines, curves and geometric components that generate the composition of the work as a possible whole,” they express their artistic project that emerged Also for the first time at Street Art Boulogne Sur Mer (France) and at the Street Art Festival Assen (Netherlands).

Solano, Tolosa and Razquin compete in street art cities with another Argentine, Martin Ronone of the top 10 muralists in the world, brought two huge murals to the competition: one of Lionel Messi located in the San Cristobal neighborhood of Buenos Aires and the other showing in the historic Miramar Water Tower the joy of two children about to dive into the water.

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Source: Telam

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