Florida is the best cities to start a business in the US in 2024

Florida It is an ideal country

For vacation and retirement, but also for work and Start your own business in 2024, Well I have The best cities in the country where you can start a businessaccording to a recent study.

The reality of some cities in the Sunshine State contradicts the reality of the country. mired in a protracted economic crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemicAs many companies went bankrupt, there was a phenomenon known as the Great Resignation and inflation did not stop growing.

But in some parts Florida, High business survival rates have been recorded, especially in Orlando and Tampa Which, combined with low taxes and other incentives and investments, constitute a formula for the success of generating companies, according to an analysis by WalletHub, which, using 19 key metrics, placed these cities in the first places.

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“Starting a business can be quite intimidating, considering that one in five new businesses don't make it past the first year. That's why it's especially important to live in a city that provides an environment in which new businesses can thrive.” “Enough capital, workers, and customers, to keep them in business for the long term.”Cassandra Happé, an analyst at Wallithup, said:

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Why are Orlando and Tampa the best cities to start a business?

According to the classification, Orlando is the best big city to start a business. In this area, the number of small businesses has grown faster than in most other cities. It's also one of the top cities on the Kaufman Early-Stage Entrepreneurship Index, which means that in addition to having many startups in Orlando, their survival rate is high.

“One of the reasons startups are so popular and successful in Orlando is because the city has made it happen Too many investors per capita“So that startups can get the funding they need to survive and thrive,” the study says.

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Tampa, on the other hand, has Low corporate tax rateThis allows companies to retain more of their revenue. “They also have a large number of investors per capita, and the combination of low taxes and high capital provides companies with more resources to survive the difficult early years,” the report continues.

In addition to these two cities, Jacksonville, Miami and St. Petersburg It is among the top 10 big cities to start a business.

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