First appearance of Sergio Massa as Minister of Economy and New Measures | Agenda for the first day of the administration and its repercussions

Strong support for diamonds from the entire ruling coalition

Resounding support from various sectors of the Todos Front for Sergio Massa’s assumption of the position of the new head of the Ministry of Economy was heard, with leaders from different sectors of the ruling coalition attending the swearing-in ceremony. Held at the Bicentennial Museum, which also added a strong consensus from union leaders and businessmen.

Ministers, national representatives, conservatives, businessmen and unionists occupied 500 chairs arranged in the museum of the bicentenary of the inauguration of the Speaker of the House of Representatives until yesterday, who took office after passing by Silvina Patakis on the bag. The financial and political and economic crisis caused by the sudden resignation of Martin Guzman at the beginning of July.

Among the first in the ranks, the smiling Cecilia Moreau, who was appointed yesterday by the Chamber of Deputies to replace Massa, stood out as the Presidency of the Chamber of Deputies.

Among the unionists were the CTA’s General Secretary, Hugo Yasque, and CGT’s Co-Secretary Pablo Moyano and Carlos Acuña; Omar Blaini (Canelitas), Rodolfo Dier (food), Andres Rodriguez (UPCN), Antonio Calo (metallurgical) and truck driver Hugo Moyano among others.

The following social movements attended: Daniel Menendez, of Somos Barrios de Pai and Under Secretary for Integration Policies. Fernando “Chino” Navarro of Evita, Secretary of Parliamentary Relations and Leader Luis D’Elia.

Massa’s inauguration, who took office by endorsing his political pact with Alberto Fernandez and Vice President Cristina Kirchner, was also well attended by conservatives, including Axel Kiselov (Buenos Aires), Gustavo Melilla (Tierra del Fuego), Sergio Onac (San Juan), Raúl Jalil (Catamarca), Mariano Archione (Chubut). and Omar Gutierrez (Neuquin), as well as national officials, such as Chief of Staff, Juan Manzor; Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro (inside), Jorge Tayana (defence), Anibal Fernandez (security), Carla Vizzotti (health) and Gabriel Cattopodes (public works).

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The list of national officials also included Claudio Moroni (Labour), Jorge Ferrari (Regional Development and Habitat), as well as Silvina Patakis, who, shortly after taking over the economic portfolio, took the position of President of Banc Nacion, in the place he occupied. Eduardo Hecker.

Mercedes Marco del Pont, the new Minister of Strategic Affairs to replace Gustavo Pelez and Carlos Castagneto, the replacement of Marco del Pont at AFIP and one of the greatest references to the Collina Inland Line, Alicia Kirchner in Buenos Aires Province, were also in the game.

The National Representatives, Eduardo Valdes, Juan Manuel Pedrini, Daniel Golan, Daniel Arroyo, Jose Luis Gioga, Second Vice President of the Chamber of Deputies, as well as the head of the Todos Front faction in the Chamber of Deputies, German Martinez, also attended.

There were signals from the Renovation Front in the Bicentennial Museum, who will accompany in various secretariats Massa in the economic management of the country: José Ignacio de Mendegorin (production), Matías Tombolini (internal trade) and Marcos Lavaña (Indyk), as well as Juan Jose Pahelo ( Agriculture).

Kirchner’s support for the new minister was reflected a few days ago with the photo of Vice President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner with Massa, before taking over as Minister of Economy, added to the photo seen on Tuesday at the Tegernsee Conference of the nation embracing the deputy. Maximo Kirchner, and the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro, are both leaders of Campora.

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