All the details of the tenth season of “The Blacklist” so far

Successful series NBC watched in Latin America by cable in AXN And through the platforms in Netflix Little by little he begins to prepare everything for the tenth part, which will be released only for the tenth anniversary of the novel. led James SpaderAnd the Black list She has fans all over the world and today she is a classic on global TV screens.

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Currently Netflix It is reaching the full eighth season and episodes of the ninth edition are still broadcast on cable channels. Of course, the fantasy became popular all over the world with its arrival on the platform, but let’s not forget that in the United States it has a huge number of fans only with the cable premiere. Black list One product is still in old television format with episode premieres week after week on prime time for US networks.

Spoiler alert: to continue reading, you must be on the lookout for the series.

Season 10 will have to deal mainly with the end of Season 9 with the return of Wujing (chinhan), an early member of the Reddington List. Outside of prison, this villain knows that the protagonist is largely responsible for what happened to him. Therefore, he decides to seek revenge, and he also has a list of others implicated by Reddington and with whom he collaborates to bring about his downfall.

After the series was released Megan Boone As Elizabeth Kane After eight seasons, Spider’s return as Raymond Reddington has been confirmed. Those who will return are Diego Klattenhof (Donald Ressler) Hisham Tawfik (Dambi Zuma), and Harry Links (Harold Cooper). So far no significant additions have been confirmed to fill the void.

Illustration provided by Sony Pictures TV for episode 719 of the series "Black list".  EFE / Sony Pictures Television
Illustration provided by Sony Pictures Television for episode 719 of The Blacklist. EFE / Sony Pictures Television

Regarding the premiere, NBC decided to premiere its tenth season at the beginning of the year, which means that new episodes of the series will premiere in early 2023 and the tenth season will premiere on the tenth anniversary of fiction. Tom Scotrow, the series’ website manager, confirmed that filming will begin in early September, so we still don’t even have an official photo for the upcoming episodes.

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Black list It remains one of the most successful primetime series in North America today, and in addition, it has had a huge impact on existing platforms. James Spader is largely responsible for this present, but he is also responsible for the successful orchestration that has dominated the imagination for many years week after week on television.

Season 10 won’t arrive until early 2023 and may take longer in Latin America.

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