Fábrica de Productos Ramo: This is the situation from the inside

Founded in 1950 in Bogotá by Rafael Molano Olarte and his wife Ana Luisa Camacho, Bouquet Products Over time, it has become one of the companies with the largest cultural roots in it Colombia Thanks to its products with a long history in the country, including popular Chocoramo.

However, for more than seven decades, the company has kept the manufacturing methods of its products secret, and among them, too Gancito, bunky gala, tostaco, mizitos And small bouquetsUntil the year 2023, the company decided to open the doors of its factory in the municipality mosquitoes so that the public could visit it, which was a success that, by the company’s own admission, exceeded its expectations only three months after its opening.

(Chokuramo angles: Ramu’s new product).

Among the points most visited by people in the complex are the Small Interactive chocoramo factory, perhaps the most famous product. As the company reports, more than 3,000 people have visited this section since its opening.

The Chocoramo Interactive Factory is a specially designed space where children, youth and adults can learn first-hand and in a fun way about the production of this special product.the company revealed to Portafolio.

Chokuramo Interactive Factory

Sergio Acero Comes / El Tempo

The main factory of Ramo, a company that started as a small project in the neighborhood Los Alcazaresin Bogotalocated in the municipality of Mosquera, in Cundinamarca and has been operating for more than five decades.

(Interactive Chocoramo Factory: So you can make your own Chocoramo).

Products from all company brand lines are manufactured here, eg Gancito, gala, chocoramo, tostacos, mizitos, bunky bouquetamong others.

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As the company states, The opening of the factory to the public came as an initiative to bring people closerknowing the importance and traditions that have been preserved in the country for years.

Through this initiative, we seek to strengthen the relationship that unites us with consumers in a new and innovative way, so that they can learn more about us while generating new experiences.the company explained.

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Attached to the plant is Bouquet Museumwhere you can see different photographic records and company awards, among them, Boyaka Medal received by the Company Government of Ivan Duque and memorial plaques. as well as Original office furniture Written by Rafael Molano Olarte and Ana Luisa Camacho, who gave life to Ramo in 1950.

Other details are a photo Olympus Lopezthe creator of Chocoramowho passed away at the age of 97 in 2015. As mentioned by the factory personnel, this section is “A piece of Colombian history“.

Bouquet Products Factory

Sergio Acero Comes / El Tempo

According to Ramu, the company has Massive 150% growth in innovation sales concept so far in 2023 compared to the immediate previous year.

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In addition, within its innovation plan, Ramo indicated that this was represented in 7% of the total sales of these companies in 2023 compared to 4.8% in 2022.

At present, the company, in addition to the recovery in terms of economic growth and scale in the country, is also striving to be a strong competitor abroad, selling its products to USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Chile and Costa Rica.

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Finally, the company has recently launched new products such as Chocoramo Esquinas, Ponqué Ramo Tradición Selecta, Brownies and Pasteles EquilibrioWhich contain low levels of sugar and saturated fat.

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