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Counterplay and Gearbox looter appear at E3 2021 loaded with news.

Possibly “the thief thief” Goodvale He didn’t have the best show imaginable because Although his work sense is very delicate and refinedAt the level of gameplay and content, it left a lot to be desired. through space Motion vector At E3 2021, Counterplay Games announced several new features to try and give the game a second life.

Perhaps the biggest news of all is the launch of the game and PS4. Watching a new generation game adapt to the previous one is completely new, but it is also a necessary maneuver to expand the potential audience for a multiplayer game that must strive to maintain activity indicators in healthy condition.

PS4 version will be available on August 10PS4 version will be available later August 10. If you get it, you can enjoy cooperative With current PS5 players, and even upgrade to the next generation at no additional cost when your time comes. On the same day, there will also be news of great importance for those who still continue to improve their characters.

Doubling, actually: On the one hand, we have Fire and Darkness Expansion, included in the special editions of the game – announced before the game was available, although there is no name – this will kingdom of fire, which was missing from the base game. You will combine a homogeneous location with its enemies, bosses and challenges. Those who don’t want to go through the chest will have new contents Free update.

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it’s about light Bringer. It brings with it new replacement skins for Valorian armor, a stone for new gear, and most importantly, a new cycle of End-game activities. A rarity of new equipment appears in it, but it cannot be used immediately after obtaining it: first, you will need to complete some challenges that “clean up” the loot. In addition, it will include what has already been announced matchmaking system, a feature in high demand since its inception.

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