After 11 years, they will compensate 33 Chilean miners left underground | Chronicle

The justice Chilean A . agreed Compensation of $55,000 for 31 of 33 Miners trapped for 69 days In a mine in the north of that country.

The decision, which cuts the amount approved in the trial by half, was adopted by the Santiago Court of Appeal after a The lawsuit lasted eight years.

Court approved Neglecting state agencies, the existence of harm caused by them, and the causal relationship between them“In the August 5, 2010 incident, when a landslide closed the entrance to the San Jose Gold and Copper Mine, located in Copiapo.

The 33 miners were trapped at a depth of 600 metres. It took 69 days for them to be rescued, after a metal capsule slipped into a hole made just for this purpose.

“If the organs of the state administration had complied with their legal obligations in the manner that was expected (…) the matter would not have ended up burying the 33 workers alive at the said site.He explains the ruling, which can still be appealed to the Supreme Court.

The State Defense Council (CDE) appealed the decision of the Court of First Instance: it understood that the life pensions granted and the special financial assistance received by their families were sufficient.

“Nothing pays for what we are going through, but at this point in life, what I want is calm and peace“, He said Mario Sepulveda50, a survivor. “I know there are colleagues who are going through a really tough time right now and they can’t work againMiner added.

Two of the 33 affected – Luis Bustos and Juan IlanesHe withdrew from the lawsuit by personal decision.

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