Evo Morales’ advice that Mauricio Macri doesn’t want to hear | “He turned around and left without saying hello”

Former President of Bolivia, Evo Moralesawarded Argentina crossroads At the economic and social levels The work of “neoliberal governments” It was suggested that the countryHe has a lot of potential to go forward, as already stated “in the time of Nestor Kirchner”. Morales gave his master’s degree from the main hall of the National University of Rosario, in which he asserted that this historic moment presents a “great advantage” for the region because “The United States is in bad economic and political decline.”. also It was suggested that Latin American countries with reserves of lithium directly control the exploitation From this natural resource to become global “forces”.

Morales arrived in Rosario at the invitation of the combative current of the Front de Todos, led by the current AFI Comptroller, Agustín Rossi. During a talk titled “The Present and Future of Latin America,” the Bolivian MAS founder recalled Domingo Cavallo’s passage through the Ministry of Economy and then compared that period to the interruption of the Kirchneria, emphasizing that after several “changes in government” p With Kirchner’s arrival “Argentina has proven to have a lot of potential, a lot of future”.

“In those times, there seemed to be a competition among social movements between Argentina, Bolivia and Ecuador to see who could change presidents faster. They were neoliberal governments that left the economy in ruinsHe warned in reference to the departments Late nineties and early twentieth century. Along the same lines, he recalled an anecdote with former president Mauricio Macri, when both were acting presidents.

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The story with Macri

“We met ex-President Macri one day, he greeted me and instead of good morning he said: ‘Evo, how much will your economic growth be this year? I told him that it was estimated at 4.5% and there would be a double bonus, and I explained to him that in order to do this the natural resources must be nationalized, and when I said that he turned around and left without saying goodbye!

For Morales, these neoliberal conditions are presented “on a temporary basis” and he considered that in order to leave “deep changes must be made”. MAS leader pointed out that at present “Latin America has a huge advantage because it changes”a frame in which he mentioned the victories of Gabriel Borek in Chile and Gustavo Petro in Colombia.

“Latin America is a big family. I feel that these changes and those that are coming are a democratic rebellion, an uprising against empire,” identified Morales, whose other advantage today is that while the region is going through this positive change “The United States is in decline, bad economically, bad politically, and if it survives it is thanks to the wars it is causing.”.

For the former Bolivian president, this fact was verified in The last Summit of the Americas held in Los AngelesSeveral Latin American heads of state criticized the US executive’s decision not to invite Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela to the meeting. “Brother Alberto Fernandez’s intervention was the best for meHe told the truth in his home to the United States government.”

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Before, it was scary that they would kick us out of the OAS (Organization of Latin American Nations), Now it is a luxury to withdraw from itMorales joked, who asked to strengthen the unity of the region around the Community of Latin American and Caribbean Nations (CELAC), of which Argentina holds the interim presidency.CELAC is in Argentina’s hands now, and how to strengthen it is our mission. “It is a great responsibility that we have to unite,” the coca farmer’s leader explained during his speech.

Referring to the necessity of implementing an industrial economic model, Morales emphasized that Bolivia proposes to manufacture lithium. “If we manufacture lithium in the hands of the people under state administration, In something we can be the strongest in the worldThe former president reassured, citing the cases of Bolivia, Argentina, Mexico and Chile.

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