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Crazy Adams (The Addams Family) is one of the most anticipated series in Netflix. Its director Tim Burton He specialized in bringing back to life dark, gorgeous characters, like Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow, Sweeney Todd, Among other things. This really guarantees the success of this TV and classic movie on the streaming platform.

As is known, the story will focus on Merlena Addams (Wed Addams), Eldest Daughter of Adams. actress Christina Ricci, She is famous for playing Merlina He will be part of the cast From the series, but this time she will not play Merlena, but rather Mauritania wife Homero Adams. For the role of Merlena, Burton chose the actress Gina Ortega. The new Netflix series will tell the teenage life of a young student, Adams, her coexistence at university, dealing with others’ hatred of others and mastering her psychological abilities to solve pending problems.

But Merlena will not only have to deal with her personal affairs, for the eight seasons of the series, and it has not been confirmed whether there will be more seasons. She will also be on a mission to discover who is behind the many murders that happen in the city she lives in, and this will lead her to discover some of the supernatural mysteries surrounding the Adams family.

Tim Burton is also working on the movie Beetlejuice 2, The second part of the movie was released more than 20 years ago, and it is starring Michael Keaton. Addams family It is a classic TV series, which aired in the US from 64 to 66, and the dark and mysterious side of this family was quickly welcomed by the public. The Mad Addams movie as it is known in Spanish took to the giant screen in three films in 1991 Addams family, In 1993 Adams Family Values And in 1998 Adams family reunion.

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