Eva Quilodrán presents her new book on ancestral medicine

Within this framework, “I invite everyone who knows my knowledge. This issue contains wonderful information on the use and application of medicinal herbs. And nursing advice.”
Eva Quilodran is a college nurse who is already retired. Born in Chulela, she has a long history of spreading and teaching ancestral medicine, of the kind bequeathed to her by her grandmother, who was a midwife and knew how to heal with plants, herbs, flowers, and the wealth that Mother Earth had given her. Today she is best known for her work, her tours throughout the province, her training in various parts of Latin America, and her lessons that impart the benefits of ancestral medicine.
“A few years ago, here are many schools, children, teens, adults, projects, conferences, and neighborhood venues. In addition to informational talks, healing, physical mind, and spirit. Also community meetings and business trips to hospital communities and universities. As well as heads of ministries of health and indigenous peoples.”
In his career, he highlighted the realization of projects “by Claudia Hidalgo, Patricia Lauquin, engineer Ana Valtriani, Doctor del Canto Peña, teachers in general, Universidad Vasta de Bariloche, agents of health, organizations not mine”.
He also thanked “Christina Gallardo, Flor Vitale Rey de Trevellin, Vanessa Mera, their fellow nurses, the grandmothers, Inta, Sevab, radio, TV, journalists, because they all made this book possible.”
Quilodrán noted, “Writing with a lot of information, aimed mainly at children and parents. I’m not a famous writer, and maybe I’m not a famous writer either, I’m sure you will find some mistakes, but the one who does is always wrong, the one who doesn’t have mistakes.” I just encourage myself to leave my knowledge of medicinal plants captured in memory and that everyone can get their own natural remedies, always in respect of our Motherland, the idea being that they learn.
In this sense, he asked: “Do not forget to plant trees and grow your own healthy food. Thank you to the teachers who trusted me. Together we can make a better world. Let us take care of water, the vital source of all living beings. I am waiting for you in the framework of the new year of the indigenous peoples.”

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