EV charging locations: where to find your nearest charger

It’s completely normal to feel a bit lost when it comes to where to charge your electric vehicle’s battery. Though you may be considering making the switch from the toxic-for-the-environment regular cars to an electric one, you may have doubts about how easy it is to recharge its battery. In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about EV charging locations and some more information on electric vehicles. Let’s find out!

The first thing you need to know about EVCS is that we’ve got a mobile app that lets you know where the nearest EV charging locations are. You can search by city or zip code through your mobile, or you can access our website and find out. There’s something else you should know about EVCS: with the monthly unlimited charging plan, you can charge your electric vehicle as many times as you like. Yes, for real.

Unlimited EV charging

Throughout 2021, US president Joseph R. Biden has made a promise to help drivers change their old gas-powered cars for new, cleaner ones. Following what’s happening in Europe, Biden pledged to create more DC charging station locations to encourage more people to make the change and go green.

We believe it’s time for the change to come and stay for good, and for that to happen, people need to be able to easily access chargers near them. That’s why we’ve designed a convenient plan for EV users, and the already mentioned mobile app to help them find charging stations locations easily. So, if you’re planning on changing to a battery-powered vehicle, you won’t have to worry about how and where to charge it. Plus, with our plan, you’ll have unlimited EV charging, and you’ll get a free 30-day trial.

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Unlike other plans on the market, with EVCS you pay a monthly fee and charge your vehicle as many times as you need, which saves you money compared to pay-as-you-go charging. There’s no extra charges or hidden fees, no annual commitment, and it’s powered by 100% renewable energy. You’ll find DC fast chargers and level 2 chargers throughout the West Coast.

How do DC fast chargers work?

“DC” in “DC fast chargers” refers to “direct current” which is the type of power that batteries in electric vehicles use. On the other hand, you may find Level 2 chargers, which are also called “AC”, which refers to “alternating current”. An EV has onboard chargers that convert AC power into DC power, which is the kind of power the batteries need to run. DC fast chargers convert AC power to DC power within the charging stations, delivering DC power directly into the battery. This translates into faster charging.

By using our mobile app, you’ll find the nearest DC fast charger locations to charge your car’s battery. At EVCS we believe in win-win situations. That’s why we choose our EV charger locations carefully so that you can recharge your EV’s battery, and use that time to do something you need, or that entertains you and your family. That’s why you’ll find chargers outside shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, office buildings and recreational spaces, amongst others.

And to be more specific, you should know that there’s a freeway in the future, and that is the West Coast Electric Highway (WCEH). It’s an extensive network of 56 EVCS-owned DC fast chargers and Level 2 chargers, located along major West Coast corridors from California to Washington state. This project is the result of a public/private program, partly funded by the US Departments of Energy and Transportation through the Oregon and Washington State Departments of Transportation.

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The main benefits of the WCEH are:

  • You’ll find chargers every 25 to 50 miles.
  • Proximity to freeway ramps.
  • Convenient parking.
  • Secondary activities to do while charging your EV.

Next time you visit the West Coast, make sure to check upon the West Coast Electric Highway!

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