The United States has punished three people for corruption and money laundering in Paraguay

Kassem Mohamed Hegazy with Paraguayan police and judicial forces this Tuesday. (Senad_Paraguay)

United State Tuesday punished Three people allegedly involved in a money laundering ring, who accuses him of playing a role in corruption in Paraguay, as Five related companies.

The US Treasury has identified the three Paraguayans subject to the sanctions Qassem Mohamed Hegazy (who was arrested on tuesday) and Khalil Ahmed Hegazy and Liz Paula Doldan, who are punished Ley Global MagnitskyWhich Washington applies to my authors Human rights violations and corruption in the world.

It also imposed sanctions on three companies owned by Khalil Ahmed Hegazy. Emprendimientos Inmobiliarios Misiones SA, Apolo Informática SA and Mundo Informático Paraguay SA. ; To a person controlled by Muhammad Muhammad Hegazy, Spain Informática SA (registered in Paraguay); and another owned by Doldan, Mobile Zone International Import and Export Ltd.

Qassem Muhammad Hegazy upon his arrest
Qassem Muhammad Hegazy upon his arrest

The United States clarified in its memo that Qassem Muhammad Hijazi He has been working as a dispatcher in Paraguay since at least 2017. And he is the alleged head of a money laundering organization based on east of the city.

According to the Department of the Treasury, this sanctioned individual “strong relationships“With the politicians, the police, the prosecutors and the owners of the exchange companies in that region, that provide protection and economic power to operate in the region.

Likewise, according to the United States government, it has a relationship with officials in the Executive Branch of Paraguay, which allows it to No legal action has been taken against your illegal organization. How do “Shipping customer”, adds the treasury, Qassem Muhammad Hijazi, who employs companies from import And issue, such as España Informática SA, to transport goods from the United States and sell them in Paraguay.

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The money obtained from this business is routed through exchange offices and banks in Ciudad del Este to be sent to them USA, China and Hong Kong, among other places. Hegazy America Spain As a basis for coordination with suppliers in the United States and China Importing electronic equipment into Paraguay, while avoiding taxes and money laundering through this activity.

Pictured is US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken (Image: EFE)
Pictured is US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken (Image: EFE)

The treasury clarified that in the case of Khalil Ahmed Hegazy, it is punishing him for that “Have assisted, sponsored, or provided financial, material, or technical support for Qasim’s items, services, or support.”

For its part, the Treasury Department determines Doldan As one of Qasim Mohammed Hegazy’s partners and claims to be so mediator When shipping goods from the United States, Washington states that middlemen pay bribes For port workers, dispatchers and other customs officials in Paraguay The process of imports and exports through the ports of entry into Paraguay.

The US government summoned it Doldán and her network were a target in 2019 of the Paraguayan anti-corruption operation, which was developed in Ciudad del Este and Asunción. According to US authorities, this woman allegedly employed her company, Mobile Zone International Import-Export SRL, To purchase merchandise from a Miami (Florida, USA) based company and then ship those merchandise to shell companies in Paraguay.

Minister of Foreign Affairs , Anthony Blink, in a statement that sanctions “They represent a global government effort to fight corruption on the trilateral border between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.”

As a result of this measure, Assets that such individuals and entities may possess under US jurisdiction are frozen Financial transactions with US financial institutions are prohibited.

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(With information from EFE)

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