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Exposed curiosity. She is 95 years old, the Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom Not only is she at the head of the British royal family, but she remains active despite her health issues. She literally follows her daily diet as some of her favorite alcoholic beverages are welcomed. Although she was banned in October 2021 from cocktails, for many years she was a fan of cocktails in particular based on Dubonnet mixed with gin that brings back more than one memory, as it was also a favorite of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. Here we tell you the story of his passion for this drink.

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In late 2020, British culture and royalty specialist Brian Kozlowski released the book Long live the Queen: 23 rules for living as Britain’s longest-reigning monarch In an interview with the New York Post, he noted that Carlos de Galles’ mother is accustomed to eating simple meals, a small piece of cake in afternoon tea, and moderate alcohol in her daily life.

Isabel II He drinks a gin cocktail before lunch, and his meals are accompanied by a glass of wine or champagne in the evening. A special mention to the dry martini which I also enjoyed in the evening.

Favorite pre-lunch cocktail

receives the monarch “Your first cocktail right before lunch is made with gin and Dupont with a slice of lemon and plenty of ice”Royal Chef Darren McGrady, who cooked for her from 1982 to 1993, revealed to the magazine. .

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Dubonnet is a liqueur obtained from a mixture of fortified wine, spices, herbs and a little quinine. According to ABC News, the favorite recipe for Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom Contains 2 parts Dubonnet Rouge, 1 part Gordon’s gin, 1 slice of lemon and 2 ice cubes.

Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom has always enjoyed sharing a cocktail with her guests, such as former French President Francois Hollande. (Photo: AFP)

A cocktail that reminds you of your mother

Dubonnet was also my favorite Isabel Bowes LyonThe wife of King George VI, a taste he bequeathed to his daughter, the current monarch of the United Kingdom. Although we’ve already explained how Guillermo and Enrique’s grandmother liked to drink it, their mom had another recipe: combine 30% gin with 70% Dubonnet and put a slice of lemon under the ice.

The alcoholic preferences of Elizabeth II’s mother are collected in the book “Behind the Throne: A Local History of the Royal Family”, by historian Adrian Tyneswood, in which several workers recounted when and how much they drank.

Margaret Rhodes, niece of the Queen’s mother-in-law, said she drank gin and also Donnet – a vermouth-like drink – before lunch; Came with a pre-dinner martini and finally a glass of champagne. Usually “never diversify”.

The Queen’s Mother’s Private Secretary, Colin Burgess, adds to this list a glass of Port after lunch – and thus after gin and donut – a second Martini before dinner and a glass of French Champagne Veuve Clicquot from time to time at lunch, as shown by .

In 2020, Buckingham Palace released The Queen allows sparkling wine to be produced from her vineyards in Windsor Great Park.

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